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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EST

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lights out. the baltimore ravens crowned super bowl champs in a game that went down to the wire. but it's the 34-minute blackout that has people talking this morning. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, the superdome here, is out. >> so, what caused it? did it have anything to do with beyonce's electrifying half-time show? we are live in new orleans. mountain tragedy. a school bus loses control,
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flips and slams into a truck. eight people are dead and dozens others injured. what the driver said moments before the crash. and search for answers. what happened to the new york city mother found murdered in turkey? we'll talk to her mother "today," monday, february 4th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm willie geist in this morning for matt. we have the backup generators all gassed up just in case. super bowl xlvii will be remembered for a long time. yes, for the game's dramatic finish but perhaps more so for that power outage. if the ravens had not held on to
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win that game we would be talking conspiracy theories. >> apparently the game got very exciting toward the end of it. when the lights went out etook it as a personal hint and went straight to bed. >> i've been briefing uh-uh on the outcome of the game all morning long. >> we'll be live in new orleans. and the ravens head coach john harbaugh, will be here to join us to tell us what it was like to beat his brother's team in the biggest game of both of their lives. we'll be talking about those commercials, some of them popular, some of them not so much. >> we'll tell you which are some of the viewers' favorites. $40 million gas platform sinking into the sea. the crew was forced to hang on for dear life. we'll have the story behind that accident. >> and on a much lighter note, we're starting our year-long countdown to the olympic winter games in sochi, russia. take a look the what is going on
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out on the plaza this morning. this is freestyle skiing, practicing their moves on trampolines. jenna wolfe is in new orleans for us this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. what a game last night, complete tale of two halves. the guys in back of me were die-hard ravens fans. they couldn't stop screaming the whole first half. the guys in front of me, die-hard 49er fans. they couldn't stop screaming the whole second half. in between me, beyonce, a blackout and a little game known as football. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, the superdome here, is out. >> reporter: just taken a commanding 28-6 lead with a kickoff return when suddenly out went the power. local officials said the outage
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happened after a piece of fault-sensing equipment detected an abnormality. fans, players and a worldwide tv audience waited for 34 minutes and waited and waited. when the lights came back, so did the 49ers. >> and a touchdown, san francisco. >> reporter: once looking like a snoozer, the longest super bowl in history became a nail biter that came down to the very last play. but in the end the ravens held off san francisco's furious comeback. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. crazy. unbelievab unbelievable. >> reporter: ravens quarterback joe flacco nabbed the game's mvp award. and while he helped court with the media, we took the field with his teammates. that game was a lot closer than either team would have liked. in the end the ravens did what the ravens came to do, picking up the first-ever ravens super
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bowl win. how much did the blackout bother you guys, mentally? >> it didn't really bother us. we've been through a lot worse than that. >> reporter: you look war torn and beat. >> every fiber that i had. >> reporter: that belongs to you guys now. >> that thing is so beautiful. >> what are you feeling now? >> i'm feeling great. >> reporter: how much did that blackout stop the momentum you had going? >> 30-minute break. beyonce, her half-time show, killed it, absorbed all the energy. >> reporter: oh, yeah. about that beyonce, singing live as promised, she lit up the superdome with all her single ladies and the destiny's child reunion many were hoping for. on this night, beyonce left the national anthem to fellow diva alicia keys. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: while jennifer hudson joined the choir from
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sandy hook elementary with emotional rendition of "america the beautiful." at the end of the night, though, it was the ravens who were the better team with older brother, john harbaugh, besting his younger brother, jim. >> it's never pretty. it's never perfect, but it is us. >> reporter: their parents celebrating a bittersweet victory and players soaking up a tough win in the big easy. >> amazing. phenomenal. listen to them! baltimore, we're champions! >> reporter: here is the deal, guys, as far as the blackout goes. it lasted about 34 minutes. i got a chance to walk around a little bit. nobody panicked. nobody was overly concerned. nobody rushed the field. for the most part everybody was calm. there was a bad attempt at a wave that went around. it was refreshing to see everyone wait this whole thing out. as a payback for them, they had an amazing second half. there you go. willie? >> jenna wolfe in new orleans for us. thanks.
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for more of this so-called blackout on the bayou and what it was like to be in the superdome at the time, let's bring in mike lipka. the lights go out, you're sitting in the press box. what is the first thought in your mind? >> i don't know how it works at your house, but i can't even fix a circuit breaker in my house. when it got dark there i immediately being a trained reporter said this is not a good thing and only a sick and twisted person would hope it had something to do with the half time show, but you're wondering as a sports writer, is this going to change the game? jacoby jones had turned out the lights on the super bowl. if somebody had told you here is what is going to happen in the next hour and a half, the 49ers are come back and have the ball in the air to with a chance to win the game, you would have laughed. >> clearly something changed during those 34 minutes. what do you think the real impact was on the players as
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they stood there and waited for lights to come back on? >> reporter: going into the super bowl, you always hear the two-week layoff is going to affect one team or another. you knew somehow there might be a momentum shift. you just didn't know. it looked like, willie, it was going to be one of those blo blow-out super bowls out of the pass. instead it turns into one that will be memorable in 9,000 ways. it started the resumption of mardi gras a little early in new orleans last night. >> for all the planning, all the preparation that goes into these super bowls, all the rehearsal -- not just in new orleans but in any city -- the question a lot of people are asking is how could that have happened? do we have any more information about what happened last night? >> reporter: the company is called en techlt tergy. they're still calling it an abnormality. which, by the way, we were able
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to figure out for ourselves. this was such a comeback week for new orleans. great american city. this is a celebration of the city and everything went so great until there were about 13:22 left in the second half of the super bowl. >> and then we got a good game after that. i don't think anybody will blame the city for that one. mike lupica, surviving in the dark in new orleans last night. thank you so much. >> reporter: we'll have a touch football game. >> sounds good. we'll have a lot more on the super bowl, commercials, half-time show coming up a little bit later. for now here is savannah. to that tense hostage drama in alabama entering its seventh day. this morning, police say they are still communicating with the suspect, holding a 5-year-old boy in an underground bunker. gabe gutierrez is covering the story for us in midland city, alabama. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the little boy, ethan, is supposed to turn 6 years old very soon. that means there's the haunting possibility that he could spend his birthday as a hostage. police are choosing their public
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comments very carefully, because the suspect might have access to television. ♪ you raise me up >> reporter: south alabama is in mourning. bus driver charles poland's funeral sunday, friends and family remembered a man who died, protecting children. >> his actions spoke louder than any word that is could ever have been said about him. he laid down his life for the kids on that bus. >> reporter: police say his alleged killer, jimmy lee dykes, boarded a stopped school bus and demanded two kids. when poland refused, police say dykes shot him to death and took a boy named ethan with a mild form of autism hostage. >> i wish i could just hug him and hold him and tell him it's going to be all right. >> reporter: dykes has kept ethan in an underground bunker allowing him crackers, coloring books and medicine.
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as the standoff enters the second week, there's no telling how long it could last. psychologists say the toll on ethan could be significant. >> the over dd riding thought in his head is that he wants his mother, that he just wants to be out of that situation. >> reporter: the ordeal brings back eerie memories of another kidnapping in 1976. three men with guns abducted 26 children, ages 5 to 14 from a school bus in chalchilla, california, the kidnappers forced them underground. they spent 16 terrible hours there, clutching each other in tears. the kids and their bus driver, also hailed as a hero, managed to escape. but 37 years later for many, the scars remain. >> the long-term effects are very deep. to this day, i'm 46 years old and i sleep with a nightlight. and that's not normal for an
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adult. >> reporter: in that case, the motive was ransom. here in alabama, the reason is still a mystery. at this point little ethan has been trapped underground for more than 134 hours, savannah. >> gabe gutierrez in alabama for us. thank you. natalie morales is at the news desk with this morning's other top stories for us. good morning. >> good morning, willie and savannah. good morning, everyone n. southern california, at least eight people have been killed overnight when officials say a bus carrying tourists from tijuana, mexico, slammed into the back of another car on a mountain road. 40 other people were injuried in the collision. the u.s. company operating the bus had no crashes in the past two years, according to federal records. the president heads to minneapolis today to meet with local leaders on the issue of gun control. in his annual presuper bowl interview last night, the president addressed a range of other issues, including the risk of brain injury in children playing football. >> i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to
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make the sport safer. and that means that the game is probably going to evolve a little bit. >> president obama also addressed the boy scouts' longstanding policy of excluding gays and lesbians saying that they should have, quote, access and opportunity, the same way everyone else does. a new york icon is laid to rest today at the funeral for former new york city mayor ed koch. former president bill clinton speaks at the manhattan service and koch's favorite subway station will be renamed in his honor. leon panetta defended the use of unmanned drone strikes to target potential terrorists who are a threat to the u.s. in an interview on "meet the press," he says the decision to strike doesn't come lightly. let's head to wall street with cnbc's kayla toshi. good morning.
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>> hiring in december, wall street hopes the rally will continue. two specific stocks today, cbs, host of the super bowl, and entergy, the company responsible for the blackout. how much will it cost them both? >> interesting. thanks. an iranian natural gas platform sank last week in the persian gulf. workers are scrambling along the rig as it simpgs but iran has not commented on the number of injuries or fatalities in the sinking. it has been in jeopardy since sanctions have caused western companies to withdraw. dramatic face-off outside of buckingham palace during a changing of the guard when a man burst through a security barrier, wielding two large knives, holding one to his throat. police moved in and managed to the 44-year-old with a taser.
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he appears in a london court today. researchers in england say they have found the skeleton of king richard iii. dna results show that the battle scarred bones found under a parking lot are beyond doubt those of the king killed in battle from 500 years ago. richard iii was immortalized by william shakespeare as a brutal tyrant who delivered the famous lines now is the winter of our discontent and my kingdom for a horse. the king will be reburied at a nearby cathedral early next year. it is 7:15 right now. you are up-to-date. let's turn it over to savannah, willie and roker, the soon-to-be raven. >> natalie won the sbet you will be donning a ravens costume. >> something like that. >> what we could conjure up. >> we'll try to get the mascot costume in. we have a few with that. >> thanks so much. yes. well, we are talking about a lot
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of snow throughout the great lakes. got a clipper system, one of two, pushing through. snow from milwaukee into buffalo and upstate new york. the system will move quickly. dump about three to six inches of snow over the next 24 to 48 hours. it will also have a secondary system back behind that. so we are looking generally at one to three inches, widespread area of three to six. in the traditional lake effect areas and erie, jamestown and upstate new york, six to nine inches of snow, as mauch as a foot.
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beautiful sunrise under way. good morning, i'm tom kierein. live view from the nbc 4 hd city camera. now 7:17. the sun has been up for six minutes. sunrise at 7:11. 27 at reagan national with a northwest breeze and the dew point 10. late tonight after inkreezing clouds this afternoon between 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. >> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks very much. to texas, search for the motive of a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. another iraq war veteran is charged in that case. lester holt has the latest on the investigation. lester, good morning. >> willie, good morning. i get to meet and spend time with chris kyle last year for the release of his
7:18 am
autobiography. he was the most lethal sniper in u.s. history. he and a friend were gunned down at a shooting range in glenrose, texas. a sad twist of fate for a man who became a hero on the battlefield. america's deadliest military sniper who, over four it tours in iraq, made over 160 confirmed kills, a number chris kyle told me a year ago was not the one he focused on. >> every person i killed, i have a clear conscience of. they were actively trying to harm americans, military or civilians. >> reporter: he and his friend, chad littlefield, were shot to death. the alleged killer, eddie ray ralph, former marine, arrived at the range with the victims. after killing them with a semi automatic handgun at close range, he drove to his sister's house and confess ed to the murders before returning home. >> he was apprehended without
7:19 am
any scuffle or fight. and then early this morning, he was arraigned and brought to our jail here where he is now. >> the sheriff says his understanding is that ralph may suffer from mental problems related to his military service, but offer nod specifics or possible motive. >> i don't think anybody knows why. they all went out there together. >> reporter: much of kyle's time in iraq was spent providing sniper cover for troops. insurgents nicknamed him the devil of ramadi. >> it gave me pride, knowing i was doing my job enough to get into the minds of the terrorists and make them fearful of me. >> reporter: back here in the states he started a company in his native texas and raised his public profile with projects like the nbc reality show "stars earn stripes" which paired celebrities with soldiers to carry out military-style missions. >> tap, rack, bang.
7:20 am
>> reporter: kyle said he was raised to be patriotic, but also had a strong faith in god. that faith especially saw him through his last combat tour, when he was shot twice, one bullet stopped by his body armor. the other, deflected off his goggles. >> i had a guardian angel out there and i'm sure he hates me, because i would come home and i would break my toe going up the stairs. but every time i went overseas, he kept me safe. >> reporter: chris kyle leaves behind a wife and two children. according to officials, eddie ray ralph has been arraigned on two counts of murder. >> and our thoughts are certainly with his wife and those two kids. lester holt, thank you so much. new details on a mysterious death of a new york mom killed in turkey. her mother opens up in an exclusive live interview. first this is "today" on nbc.
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i watched the super bowl for the power outages but a lot of people liked the commercials. >> like the clyesdale. >> a boy and his horse. works every time. >> works every time. >> uso commercial with oprah. >> very patriotic, and pulled at the heartstrings. there were funny ones. i have a favorite but i was up so late, i forgot it. >> we'll show you some of our favorites and your favorites coming up. and what people are saying about bean beyon beyonce's performance after your local news. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil®. and for sinus congestion, now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief.
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[ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this is a news 4 news break. >> good morning. it's 7:26 on monday, february 4. i'm aaron gilchrist. a problem on the roads in montgomery county where a school bus has been involved in an accident. danella has more with first 4 traffic. >> good morning. here is the update. earlier the crash was on east-west highway westbound at connecticut. if you were southbound on connecticut two of the right lanes were blocked. all of the westbound lanes were blocked. that accident is now clear. we'll talk about delays, not bad. approaching east-west highway
7:27 am
along east-west highway you are sluggish in both directions. your travel lanes are open. over to the beltway under speed at new hampshire avenue. 18 minutes from 95 to 270. aaron? >> you can expect changes if you use metro's pentagon station. today the south entrance of the station closes so the agency can replace three escalators. when completed this fall, the escalators will be similar to those installed at dupont circle. the north entrance will be open during construction. a look at the forecast after this.
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. good morning. cold now in the 20s. later today in the mid and upper 30s with increasing clouds. tonight we might get a coating to an inch of snow. all the areas in light blue. that's much of virginia and maryland, the district. farther north and west out of the mountains one to two inches
7:29 am
between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. on a tuesday. could have a slick morning commute tomorrow. it melts tomorrow afternoon and then on wednesday, thursday into the weekend each day highs in the 40s. maybe rain on friday. that's the way it looks, aaron. >> another
7:30 am
♪ all the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies ♪ >> that is beyonce, wowing the crowd and silencing the critics with a stunning, dazzling half-time performance with a destiny's child reunion. jennifer hudson will be along live as well. what was your favorite commercial during the game, the controversial go daddy ad maybe? we'll have the ads that have you
7:31 am
talking this morning. super bowl winning head coach john harbaugh will be with us live. >> we'll talk to him. a little later, rare reunion of the cast of roots. most watched miniseries of all time "rowill be live in our stu. new york city mom was murdered in turkey. we'll talk to her mom in a moment. first, richard engliel is live istanbul. >> reporter: police say an initial investigation say there was no evidence of rape, that her body was found wearing its jewelry, found with her bracelet, ring, earrings. many people have been detained for questioning, but so far there have been no formal arrests. a murder that has shock this had normally safe city, the body of american sarai sierra at a
7:32 am
morgue as turkish authorities have questioned nearly two dozen people. the 33-year-old staten island woman arrived in istanbul last month on her first trip abroad. sarai sierra rented a room in s istanbul. she planned to come with a friend who canceled at the last minute. she seemed to be having a good time and was in regular contact with her family, relatives said. sierra even took a side excursion trip to the netherlands, returning to istanbul a few days later. still no signs of trouble. then on january 22nd, sierra wasn't on her flight home. the disappearance of tourists in turkey is extremely rare. turkish police set up a special unit and combed through street camera footage. sierra's husband, steven and brother, david, came to istanbul and went to where she was
7:33 am
staying but found no area. >> she's missing in istanbul. we have to find her. >> reporter: then, after vanishing for almost two weeks, police discovered sierra's body saturday night by the ancient ra ramparts of istanbul's ancient city. investigators found a blanket. her body may have been dragged to the spot. the police chief said she was killed by a blow to the head. so far, investigators haven't bro provided details as to who may have killed her or why. today, her family members are meeting with turkish authorities doing paperwork and starting the process to repatrepater iate he remains. >> good morning. so sorry to hear this story. are you doing okay? >> i'm hanging in there. >> this must have come as such a
7:34 am
shock. >> it sure did. we weren't expecting it. she picked the trip and she was supposed to come back and she didn't. >> i know her husband is in turkey right now, actually met with the police this morning. were you able to talk to him? do you have any more information about what may have happened here? >> it's still under investigation. he's doing paperwork over there and the turkish police, they've been like really, really good and investigating. i mean, the way that my son-in-law explains it, they went over and above searching for her. and he said that right now they think it might be a robbery, but they're not sure. it's still under investigation. >> there was reporting about a man that she may have met, perhaps to take pictures, see some scenic sights. that man was questioned. do you know anything about whether he is believed to be
7:35 am
connected to this at all? >> no. they questioned him and released him. they are questioning, i think, four people. i'm not too sure of the details. but they are questioning some people. they haven't said if they're suspects or not. they're just questioning them. >> sarai had two little boys, ages 9 and 11. do they know what happened? >> not yet. they're going to know by -- their father is going to talk to them when he comes back and we'll all be there to support him. >> this obviously was an adventure for her. she wanted to go overseas. you said it was her first trip overseas. why do you think this was important to her? why did she want to go on this journey? >> to her, the first time she was going overseas. she got into photography, college of staten island. and she wanted to go take
7:36 am
pictures of the history of the place, kind of like intrigued her. she wanted to go and take pictures. that's what she wanted to do. it was a trip that she was going to take. and that was her intention, of going there, just to take pictures. and she was interested in taking pictures of the bridges. she was fascinated with the bridges. >> i know she kept in close touch with her family and the kids and with her husband pretty much the whole time she was gone. >> the whole time. >> you're holding a picture of her. i want to let you have a chance to show it. she was your baby. this is her. >> yes. >> i know your faith has been really important to you. >> yeah. my faith in christ is really strong. and that's what's kept me through this. there are times that i break down and just get on my knees and i pray and i know that he is giving me the strength to pull through this.
7:37 am
and that's what's holding me, my faith in christ. >> our prayers are with you and i just wish you all the best as i know these will be some hard weeks, months and years ahead. thank you for being here to tell us about your daughter. appreciate it. we will switch gears now and get another check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> and as we take a look at the temperatures we're expecting today, the jet stream is way up to the north out west. 74 degrees in austin. north platte, 14 degrees above normal. cooler in the great lakes. the clipper is bringing snow. look at the temperatures. single digits, teens and 20s throughout the northeast to the great lakes. 80s and 70s through texas into florida. partses of the southwest. during the day today we are looking at snow coming across the great lakes, three to six inches there. rain in the pacific northwest.
7:38 am
look for more rain through the gulf into the mid mississippi river valley. plenty of sunshine through the southwest into southern california. temperatures a little bit cooler than usual. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. the eastern sky is streaked with contrails at dawn on this monday morning. sunrise was at 7:11. it's now 27 at reagan national. a northwest breeze 5 to 15. very dry. we'll have a coating up to an inch of snow beginning at 8:00 p.m. this morning. ending around 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. that's enough to cause slick spots for the morning commute. >> and any time you need that weather, go to the weather channel on cable or 24/7. willie? >> al, thanks very much. still ahead, who is ready to see mr. roker all dressed up? natalie and al will settle that super bowl bet. we're trying to get that ravens mascot costume here. i don't know if it will get here
7:39 am
in time. we'll find something for al. first, the commercials you liked the most during the big game. that's right after this. >> is that my wedding dress? just right. okay. ready... mm-hmm. ♪ happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] time it just right for valentine's day and save 30% on these diamond fashions from kay jewelers. just one more reason kay is the number one jewelry store in america. ready... [ camera flash ] ♪ every kiss begins with kay [ camera flash ] nature's true celebrities aren't always the most obvious. it's more than being glamorous, or tall. it's not all about who sparkles the most. or who is the best dressed. what nature really cares about is what you have to offer. like the stevia plant. small and humble with a surprising secret to share... sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf.
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quite like the power of quaker. today is going to be epic. quaker up. [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at we're back now at 7:42 with the game within the game, the commercials. >> independent commercial producers, lara petrecca and
7:43 am
donny deutsch needs no introduction. the chairman of deutsch incorporated. good morning. >> good morning. >> what did that 34-minute delay in the third quarter mean to advertisers? >> they were not happy. particularly because it was a blow-out. if the numbers drop -- they guarantee a certain audience for the super bowl. if the audience drops below that, they have to make that up. certainly not a win for advertisers. >> this is the five most popular ads. i'll show a little bit of your number one ad, budweiser and the clydesdale. let's check it out. ♪ took my love and i took it down climbed a mountain and i turned around ♪ ♪ well i've been afraid of
7:44 am
changing cause i've built my life around you ♪ >> the panel says this was a winner. >> definitely a home run for budweiser. very powerful ad has great music, iconic clydesdale. there's nothing wrong with this ad. it should be held up to people for perfection. >> talk about tugging at the heartstring there is. >> the number one ad school in the country, resonated with them as well. next generation, knocked it out of the ballpark. >> it's a mean joe green spot. >> and animal stories. >> yes. >> number two, i just remembered what my favorite ad was, this tide commercial. take a look. >> yes! oh. >> dude, you've got montana on
7:45 am
your jersey. >> it's a meerk zbll bamiracle. >> baby i got a montana stain on my shirt. >> i was holding my chip like this, and it dropped. >> it's real? >> yeah, it's real. >> craze. >> i miracle montana stain is sweeping the nation. >> there's a really great punch line. procter & gamble decided to wait and reveal this during the game. is that a good strategy? >> yes. also big picture here, detergent, not a car, not a technology. does not expect to do this kind of iconic work. so it shows that any brand can do this. >> here is the payoff right here, she washed the jersey that made him rich and famous. >> and then she says. >> go ravens. >> go ravens. >> explode when this ran, dodge ram, the farmer.
7:46 am
>> and on the eighth day, god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a caretaker. so god made a farmer. god said i need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the fields, milk cows again, eat supper, go to town and go to town and stay past midnight. so god created a farmer. >> the imagery really stands out versus high-production value super bowl ads. they really want to get americana now. that's what they're aiming for. it's no longer apple pie, baseball and chevrolet. they want you to think chrysler. >> you like the ad, donny? >> i thought it was quite brilliant, the same formula as the clint eastwood chrysler ad. it was detroit. put that on our car. own what's great about farmers, put it on the car. same formula. brilliant advertisement. i loved it.
7:47 am
my jaw i saw it and said this is the best ad i've seen in a year. what's interesting there's a little bit of blowback because this is one of the moments in time where a an existing piece of art and, in fact, using that type of imagery that's been out there, and farmers have been using it for years, still photos over that very same speech, they took it with some new photographers and made a little bit fresher. it's interesting for the creative input and innovation. a lot of people saying, i wish they had done something more with it. >> let's get to doritos quickly. we showed it a few times last week. this is a consumer-generated commercial. >> laugh out loud funny, great tag line punch line at the end. consumer generated ad phenomenon, they're it. consumer-created ads, doritos. >> and we got to see men in makeup and dress. >> willie, this is obviously his
7:48 am
favorite ad. >> you can go private life on me there. usa today ad meter, jeep using oprah's voice with a tribute to the troops. >> half the battle is just knowing this is half the battle. because when you're home, we're more than a family. we are a nation. >> donny, you're shaking your head a little bit. >> i had an issue with this. first of all, obviously anything that pays an ode to servicemen is great. having said that i thought it was a bit exploitive. jeep with its heritage in the military to kind of own that, i felt exploitive, dancing on the line. people liked it. i had an issue with it. >> can i get your verdict real quick? >> whether it's a service member you're missing or someone else
7:49 am
you're miss iing in your life - it's interesting. i thought about that last night whether they were going too hard, too strong. >> that's my point, they're selling their car. >> an up or down on that. >> i think it could have gone to bigger places, especially with oprah with that brand and with the military. there were so many pieces that were there. felt like it could have done something a little bit more core to the brand and the military. >> i'm rushing you because we have a special guest star in here. jesse, will you come on out? >> he's back. >> this man's life changed overnight. jesse heiman starred in the kiss seen around the world. >> yes. >> has everything changed overnight? >> it got a great reaction and got record sales and new customers on go daddy. and my -- i got new fans, new followers and everyone -- >> new girlfriend? >> not yet, but maybe some -- you know, i may have some
7:50 am
choices for valentine's day. >> is your arm tired from high fiving this morning? >> high fiving and just enjoying it. i'm just -- it's been a great -- great ride. >> whose the agency who did this? it's brilliant. >> oh, donny. >> donny finds his way into it again. congratulations. the guy everybody is talking about. matt, lara, donny, thank you very much. jennifer hudson on the pregame super bowl performance with the sandy hook choir and beyonce's half-time show as well. first these messages. looks like your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] this is fun. [ sad music continues ] [ knock on door ] your bags, sir. thanks. both: finally! one taste, and you'll understand. enjoy delicious dunkin' donuts coffee anytime. best vacation ever!
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>> announcer: this is a news 4 news break. >> 7:56 is your time now. i'm eun yang. ravens fans are celebrating. their team won super bowl xlvii and this is what federal hill looked like overnight. baltimore is holding a championship parade tomorrow. it is a cold morning and a chance for more snow. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the forecast. >> you need your warm winter coat on this monday morning. we are into the 20s. virginia, maryland, the district. we'll stay below freezing for another two, three hours. then climb to the 30s this afternoon as we get increasing clouds and a coating of snow between 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. could be slick spots tomorrow morning. 40s into the weekend. >> your traffic is next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. traveling 395 northbound at duke. police just have activity pulled over to the right shoulder lane. as far as your traffic, not bad. 21 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14 street bridge. southbound 395, clear there. i-7270 southbound at 80, report of an accident out of the
8:00 am
8:00 now on this monday morning, the 4th of february, 2013. if you weren't in the mood before, you will be after uh-uh see these guys. it is almost time for the winter olympics in sochi. just a mere -- al and willie will get up there and -- i don't know. >> no. you don't want to see us on
8:01 am
trampoline. >> we did that this weekend. >> we got a lot more coming up. we'll be talking about sochi, as we said 367 days to go. as we said on wednesday we'll have a ski slope, 14-foot high slope. mt. rockefeller we're calling it, as we prepare for "today" at sochi. skis, snowboards all that wednesday. >> before that, we have to put a ribbon on the super bowl. coming up, we'll talk about beyonce's half-time show. 've got a celebrity panel to do that, l.a. reed, the music mogul and jennifer hudson, absolutely beautiful rendition of the national anthem. >> knocked it out of the park. >> and natalie and i have to settle our little super bowl bet as well. >> we'll see how little the super bowl bet is. >> in a little bit. >> you're going to wear a raven costume? >> we have some stuff.
8:02 am
some stuff. >> ready to announce our friday's field trip this week. >> drum roll, please. >> we are going to chicago. from the beautiful city of chicago this friday. we hope you will be able to join us. if you're in the area, come on down. >> have you got plans? >> i don't know. >> it will be fun. good times. >> one of the great american city cities. >> it didn't snow there today but it will be nice and cold by the time you get there. >> perfect. that's coming up friday. meantime let's head inside to natalie at the news desk with a look at the top headlines. >> good morning, willie, savannah and al. a suspect has been arrested in the murders of navy s.e.a.l. chr chris kyle and a friend. charged with killing chris kriel a kyle and his friend littlefield.
8:03 am
lph may have mental health problems and is on suicide watch. the alabama hostage standoff is now in its seventh day. officials still don't have a motive for why 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is hold iing a 5-year-old hostage in an underground bunker. the child is being identified only as ethan. fbi says authorities are talking with dykes, accused of fatally shooting ethan's school bus driver during the abduction. a funeral was held friday for that driver, who died trying to protect the children on his school bus. the death of a new york city school woman in turkey. sarai sierra died from a blow to her head. her body was found saturday near the remnants of the ancient city walls in istanbul. the 33-year-old mother of two was last heard from on january 21st just before she was supposed to fly home from her solo vacation in turkey.
8:04 am
now for an all super bowl edition of what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. jazzy take on the national anthem from songstress alicia keys made her a top search, as some criticized her version as being too slow. you be the judge ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> well, you weighed in on 56% of you agreed that she could have sped it up a little bit. recent on dline rumors that muhammad ali was near death have the greatest fighting back. his family tweeted these pictures of the legendary boxer in a ravens jersey. from lalia, my dad's health is
8:05 am
normal. thanks for all the well wishes. and beyonce's half-time show brought the house down. ♪ i can see your halo halo ♪ >> that is shaq, shaquille o'neal, who tweeted the video saying beyonce was fabulous. he wasn't the only one who thought so. getting a hug from jay-z. anyone doubting beyonce was a showstopper posting lights out! any questions? that's for sure. out to al with a check of the weather. >> obviously a proud husband. some friends here. who's birthday? >> your birthday. >> and your birthday, too and your birthday, too! birthdays all around for
8:06 am
everybody. pick city of the day happens to be baltimore, maryland. congratulations. partly sunny, some late snow showers. nb as we look on the satellite you can see activity making it dallas to houston. icy mix through st. louis. snow in chicago. beautiful day in the northeast. lake effect snow around the great lakes. showers in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild through the southwest. gorgeous day in miami. that sound you hear is savannah's teeth chattering. >> i'm sorry. not subtle. >> no, no. >> good morning. just past 8:00 on monday morning. temperatures are cold or below freezing. we are down in the low to mid 20s. mid and upper 20s closer to washington. right now in the bay. later today into the 30s. tonight, a coating of fresh
8:07 am
snow. maybe up to an inch in the light blue area. a little more farther north and west. looks like the time frame is 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. then we ought to have the melting tomorrow. maybe more >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. coming up, we'll talk super bowl entertainment. jennifer hudson is here along with l.a. reed. they'll talk about beyonce's half-time show and jennifer's wonderful performance. then jenny mccarthy on her new talk show. and a high-flying start to our countdown to sochi. first, these messages. ♪
8:08 am
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ideas that take you places you never imagined. ideas big enough to make the heart skip a beat and, in some cases, maybe two. toyota. let's go places. and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. back now at 8:11 with beyonce's show stopping half-time super bowl performance has a lot of people talking. janet shamlian had a front row seat at the superdome. >> when you have a ticket for super bowl half-time is when people normally leave their
8:12 am
seats. not here, not last night. as the ravens and 49ers did battle in the first half, for some the main event was still to come, the beyonce bowl. >> superdome, one, two, three, four. >> reporter: forget the bathroom break or running for a refill. p millions were glued to their couches or superdome seats. and if you wanted an electrified spectacle it was signed, sealed and delivered. a rumored reunion of destiny's child came to fruition as michelle williams and kelly rowland appear ed together, flying up from underneath the stage and raising the roof, collaborating on beyonce's song "single ladies" ♪ all the single ladies all the single ladies all the single ladies ♪
8:13 am
>> reporter: for a few minutes, shades of the '90s again as the women channeled their inner charlie's angels. >> good morning, angels. >> good morning, charlie. ♪ bursting in air >> reporter: highly anticipated performance came two weeks after beyonce lip synced the star spangled banner at president obama's inauguration. >> i will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do. >> half the power in the superdome is out. >> i have to say that the beyonce half-time was the best ever. >> reporter: did you see it? >> absolutely the best ever. >> reporter: did she have anything to prove tonight? >> i think she probably did, you know. not to me, but to the majority of the people. i think she probably did. and she wowed everyone.
8:14 am
>> reporter: bringing her a game to a worldwide audience. as some on twitter remarked it was kind of the football team to open for her. all that energy. some speculate that it was simply beyonce all the time and, again, that she was the star of the evening. they really liked the show and that the football game was just a passing -- you know, a setup for her. she certainly wowed the crowd here. >> yes, she did. janet shamlian in new orleans for us. thank you, janet. l.a. reed is from epic records and soon to be icon. more on that in a minute. jennifer hudson performed "america the beautiful" with the children's choir from sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> you said just rehearsing with that sandy hook choir was difficult enough, just to get through the song alongside them.
8:15 am
what was it like doing live last night? >> it was emotional, seeing the kids and being very close to home for myself as well, it was overwhelming. >> did you get to spend a lot of time with the kids? >> i did. we sat in the room and i got to meet them. we went over the song and that's where i couldn't get through the song because it was just that overwhelming. and before we went out i hugged each and every one of them and we prayed a little bit. and then we got out there. >> incredible performance. >> you were amazing. >> thank you. >> by the way, you were flawless, really beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> emotional. i don't know how you held it together with those kids. and just knowing what they've gone through and they didn't wear it on their faces, which was really great, right? >> they didn't, which is the beautiful part, just to see the little children, being survivors like that. that is the part that took me back in right before i step out to sang. i was like, wow, they are conquerors, they are survivors. and they're babies. >> sure. >> so that was overwhelming. >> you know something about
8:16 am
that. >> yeah. >> let's talk about beyonce. did she have something to prove last night? if so, did she do it? >> i don't know if she anything to prove. anyone who is a real fan knows she's the greatest entertainer alive. in case anyone had any doubt she put the lights out last night. >> literally. >> she's amazing. >> i'm watching you, jennifer, when we were running that piece, you're singing along, moving with her. >> she makes you move. you can't help it. >> role model for you? >> oh, my gosh, yes, beyonce, destiny's child. that, for me, was another highlight for myself, being able to be there with beyonce, destiny's child, alicia keys. these ladies are people i looked up to. one day i want to be like them and now i'm singing with them. >> you are like them. >> thank you. >> you are right there. you are amazing. >> but it's an honor. >> as an artist, jennifer, what did you make of the inaugural
8:17 am
flack? was there some controversy there, lip syncing for the president? >> not at all. beyonce is a professional and it clearly was her professional decision. people should respect that. it's nothing out of the norm of the music industry, especially for the national anthem. you cannot miss a beat on a song like that. >> you're going to be doing a little singing here on nbc, joining "smash" for a couple of episodes. tell us about it. >> yes. i'm going to say in two days or so. i play this two-time tony award-winning broadway star. it was quite intimidating for me. >> really? >> yes. lines, routines, studio. it's like an ongoing machine. i'm like, oh, my god, help me keep up. >> i have a feeling you did o y okay, jennifer. >> thank you. >> she's a pro. >> it was a learning experience. >> remember "dreamgirls." >> l.a., the grammys are this
8:18 am
weekend. you will be honored as an official icon. >> yes. >> how does that feel? >> it's a little unreal. it's humbling. i don't feel like i have achieved that status. long way to go. i was like, man, this is like the end of your career. people who usually get the award are much older. it's a little scary but i'm humble. >> as i said you started young. >> still young, baby. got a lot of work to do. >> beautiful performance last night. thanks for coming to talk with us. two-hour season premiere of "smash" tomorrow 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. up next, jenny mccarthy live in our kickoff to the countdown of the winter olympics, after this. aren't always the most obvious. it's more than being glamorous, or tall. it's not all about who sparkles the most. or who is the best dressed. what nature really cares about is what you have to offer.
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8:21 am
and no artificial flavors, so you can be sure there's no single thing better for your grilled cheese. ♪ life is amazing ♪ with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ back now at 8:21 with the very busy jenny mccarthy. she just published her eighth book, her seventh to make it on the best seller's list. she is hosting a new talk show called, appropriately enough, the jenny mccarthy show. god to see you. >> you, too. >> i want to ask you about this new talk show but do you have a new tattoo you want to tell me about? >> i do. it's still kind of painful. during the blackout i decided to do something besides gorge pizza and i went next door and got a new tattoo.
8:22 am
>> did you really, last night? >> is it a permanent tattoo? >> permanent tattoo. i always wanted one, a little decor. i didn't feel like having a symbol since i don't have a guy that i want to tattoo his name on me. i wanted a little decor. >> everyone does something different during a blackout. >> it could be my midlife crisis. >> what could have happened if you didn't have the blackout. >> right? >> they describe it as kind of like a party on tv. is that the describe you're going for? >> i've been in this talk show development deal for about ten years now. and finally, this is the first time -- i keep saying put me back on tv. and the template i wanted was playboy after dark. hugh hefner, to me -- i do a lot of talk shows as a guest. preinterviews can really, i think, draw the life out of an interview. so we've been doing test shows without them and let them fly.
8:23 am
there is a real party going on with bartenders and drinks and go dancers and celebrities don't really know what i'm going to ask. i ask them -- i'm getting a tattoo when i'm bored, you can just imagine what i plan on asking them. >> you do some of these interviews on the floor. >> that's right. >> literally on the floor. >> i wanted to do something different. i have something called groundbreaking interviews. i take the celebrity. we lay on the floor and literally a cameraman hangs over us and the lights in our faces and we have -- we're also sucking our lolli dpops as theyo in the club these days and have real conversations that kind of go off the deep end. i mean, they're sometimes shocking but also a lot of times they give groundbreaking answers. >> we should have done this interview on the floor. you moved to chicago. >> i did. >> how do you like it? >> it's the best thing that ever happened to me. my son said the same thing. he said i don't know what took you ten years to bring me the best city but the next time i'm
8:24 am
leaving chicago is with angels. >> ahh. >> he has best friends, catches frogs. i'm not searching for my life, i feel as a mother now, i'm living my life, because my son is in the best place. >> jenny mccarthy, can't wait to see the show. premieres tonight on vh1. now let's head outside to willie. >> savannah, winter olympics about a year away. we begin our countdown "today" in sochi. men on trampolines behind me. analyst for nbc sports. first a little background on fr freestyle skiing. how is it different from alpine skiing? >> alpine is racing down a mountain. freestyle is inverted aerials, like gymnastics, 50 feet above the sky, aerials.
8:25 am
>> a lot of the training actually does take place on trampolines? >> it's a great apparatus to train some of the tricks, do some of the flips. >> the names to watch. we begin with carney, won the gold in vancouver. should we expect more in sochi? >> absolutely. she's been dominating since her gold in vancouver. she won 11 out of 13 world cups. she's just getting better and better and better. she's the one to beat in sochi, fast, very smooth. great off the air jumps and will be tough to beat willie, for sure. >> you call her the michael phelps of free style. >> getting a taste of the podium. won two world cups this season and then she's very powerful on the jumps. you can see how strong she is as a skier through the big, long
8:26 am
middle section of mogul courses. in mogul it's required to do two aerial tricks. she's very powerful when it comes to air. >> we'll keep an eye on the wilson brothers on the men's side. looks like a lot of fun. fun. i don't know if i could pull it off. we'll be right back after your local news. >> this is a news 4 newsbreak. >> it is 8:26 on monday, february 4. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. heads up on the pentagon metro station. they are replacing three escalators and the south entrance will be closed until fall. they will look similar to the ones at the dupont circle station. the north entrance will be open. now here's tom. >> good morning. 20s now. increasing clouds into the 30s. we could get a coating of light snow up to an inch. much of the region, 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. could be slick spots tomorrow morning.
8:27 am
above freezing tomorrow afternoon. 40s each day all the way into the weekend. might get rain on friday. aaron? >> thank you, tom. a check on the roads when we come back. come back. w
8:28 am
nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. a late start around our area, i guess because of the super bowl. not bad on i-95 in virginia.
8:29 am
as you make your way to the beltway that drive is taking ten minutes now. that's a live look, not bad. 395 crossing the 14th street bridge, sluggish. you're under speed but not by much. 15 minutes from the beltway to the 14th
8:30 am
8:30 now on this monday morning, the 4th of february, 2013. it is the morning after the super bowl.
8:31 am
maybe a tad bit hungover. for al roker it means something different entirely. he and natalie morales bet each other that whoever's team lost, the other would dress up the other team's mascot. >> they took a field trip on friday. al went to san francisco. natalie was in baltimore. loser pays up. boy, is al roker paying right now. ravens casual this morning. >> yes. >> this is the best we could do. coe is a little busy right now, with parades and everything to get ready for. >> i have to say, i thought it would be more embarrassing, but you look good. >> thank you, yes. have you actually seen me? >> i guess maybe my expectations were low. >> the ray lewis dance? >> i knew the rockies dance. >> were you prepared to wear the
8:32 am
full miner's outfit? >> i guess they were prepared in wardrobe. pretty close there. >> natalie was trash talking you on twitter last night. >> i'm feeling confident. >> then i got down there and pulled that plug, but -- >> coming up, we'll talk to the ravens coach, john harbaugh. i like that you have your glasses. >> i know. it's not helping. >> the winning coach, absolutely. we look forward to that. >> highest rated miniseries of all time here for a very special reunion. al will sit down and talk with them in a moment. >> are you going to wear this outfit? >> i don't want to scare them. before we get to all that, let's get a check of the weather. >> all righty. great idea. oh, you're over here. you look a lot better. let's show you anyway, let's show you what we've got as far as your weather for the week ahead.
8:33 am
above normal temperatures out west. rain in the south. by the time we get to the mid-week period we'll be looking at above normal temperatures in the southeast. rain in the mississippi river valley. wet weather out west. the latter part of the week more lake effect snow including chicago for savannah and matt's friday field trip. we're looking at that. lots of rain in the midatlantic into the southeast. below normal temperatures out west. above normal from the plains down into texas. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it is a cold morning in the 20s. we have increasing clouds from the west. temperatures will be climbing into the mid and upper 30s by this afternoon. tonight, a coating of fresh snow likely throughout much of the region. the light blue area, up to an inch. the morning commute tomorrow could have slick spots. then it should melt tomorrow afternoon with temperatures well above freezing. could get more light snow
8:34 am
tuesday night. highs in the 40s wednesday with. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. quick hello to lisa rambo, the latest contestant to be voted off "the biggest loser" ranch. you just told me you lost 80 pounds? >> yes. >> who knew diet and exercise actually worked? >> you said that you had never worked out really in your life, never been on a treadmill before. when you left the ranch, you felt like an athlete. explain. >> i did. i knew that -- i got hooked up with dolvet, best trainer on the ranch. he really lit a fire in me. week two i knew i needed to start to be the way i wanted to be and then it was a matter of stepping up. >> this has helped you and your family as well. your husband is right over there. >> yes.
8:35 am
>> he lost 170 pounds. between the two of us, we've lost a healthy adult, right? >> you have four children at home. you're busy people. for people who say i don't have time to exercise, what do you say to them? >> make it part of your life, incorporate your kids. make a decision. we were going sledding, snow sh shoe i shoeing up. up and down that hill is a workout. >> there you go. >> lost a combined 150-pound loss. congratulations, lisa and tony. thank you very much. biggest loser airs tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. coming up next, super bowl champion coach, john harbaugh. what was it like to beat his brother in the biggest game on the planet? we'll talk to him live. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
welcome back now at 8:37 with one of the most popular and influential miniseries in television history. 1977's "roots." we're in our own super bowl blackout here. based on powerful book, it traced the journey of ancestors from enslavement to eventual liberation. >> what's your name? >> kunta. kunta kinte. >> kunta kinte was played by lee var burton and kunt's daughter, kizzy played by leslie uggams and the slave that became
8:39 am
kunta's confidante, fidler, played by louis gosset jr. it had to be, you know, pretty amazing in itself. did you have any idea how enduring and what a reaction this show would have? >> none whatsoever. >> not at all. >> we were in our bedrooms and kitchens talking about it. we didn't know if the world would accept it this way. >> we knew it was something special when we were filming it, but we had no idea what the impact was going to be. it was amazing. america stopped what they were doing to watch this television show. >> and it also had people, not just african-americans, but everybody all of a sudden looking at their roots. >> people forget that the title of alex's book is called "roots: the saga of an american family." it's not the story of black people in america. "roots" is the american story. >> when you were cast in this, did you have any idea that
8:40 am
this -- people throw around the phrase role of a lifetime. >> right. >> but this truly was. >> it was. >> did you have any idea at the time? >> not a clue. i was 19 and didn't know a whole lot about anything. it's true. >> doing scenes with a young man like that because fiddler and kunta kinte had a kinship. so i saw levar being whipped. it really got to me. >> it was one of those roles that you became so identified with. what was that feeling like, to know that you had something that was never done before really? >> it's a miracle, you know. this is my 60th professional year. i've seen a tumultuous change. my relationship with kunta kinte and levar, apologized before he
8:41 am
did the scene. i'm sorry, i have to go for it. i said go for it. i looked at that boy being beaten. i knew it was just felt and just makeup. your name is kunta kinte. that's what your name is. and i looked at him and said, you know, there's going to be a better day. that's what alex was talking b of course, there is a better day. look at you, look at us, look at our president. it is a better day. >> beside being an amazing role, it had to be, i assume, emotionally draining day in and day out to act these scene. >> it was very painful, especially the wagon scene. >> yes. >> i realized, my goodness, people were torn away from their families and sold and never to see their relations again. and just to have that happen.
8:42 am
and you're totally helpless. there's nothing you can do, nothing your parents can do. and it was just gut wrenching for me. >> levar, you have gone on to obviously some other amazing roles, but when you have something like that so early, does it put maybe some undue pressure on you, that you have to try to match something of this import? >> there was a real challenge to me at the beginning of my career. and my decision was that i had no choice but to just do the best i could every time out because you just -- roles like that don't come along but once in every other lifetime. and so i'm just really grateful that 35 years later, i'm -- we're still here. >> we're still here. >> and working. >> that's the best part. >> that's the best part. and working. >> levar burton, leslie uggams, louis gosset jr., thank you very much. >> airing tomorrow night on pbs.
8:43 am
head coach john harbaugh, next. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now at 8:45. he is on top of the football world this morning. john harbaugh, head coach of the super bowl winning baltimore ravens is with us from baltimore this morning. coach, congratulations. >> thank you very much. it's great to be with you guys. >> a lot of people would start an interview asking about the game. i'm not going to do that. i'm going to ask about the power outage. what was going through your mind at that moment? >> just stunned. i looked up and i said i think the lights went out. it was really a great observation there. it was just crazy. we haven't seen that one before. that was new.
8:46 am
>> coach, did that change the dynamic of this game? you were up 28-6. lights go out. all of a sudden it looks like the 49ers get second life there. >> it did change the whole complexion. they did a great job. they changed momentum. it wasn't the lights, power o outage, it was the 49ers. not unexpected. going against my brother all these years, you had a sense that they would come roaring back. his team has so much of his personality. they came roaring back. i'm proud of jim and very impressed with that team. >> of course, this was all in the family. every game must have a winner and a loser. in this case, you mentioned, it is your own brother. did you have a chance to speak to him? and what did you say? >> we just spoke on the field right after the game. we haven't spoken since then. i talked to my parents and stuff. he's a great coach, great man. i'm so proud of him. and, you know, we'll move on and there will be lots of challenges in the future and they'll be back, for sure.
8:47 am
>> is this going to be one of those things where you can joke about it, trash talk over the holidays or maybe not for a few years? >> i don't think that will ever be the case. anybody who has a brother, you have brothers, you understand how that works. there's no consolation. you just move on to the next thing, next competition or whatever. but really more the family. i love him. we have a great family. we all get along, have a lot of fun. there will be more games. i'm just so proud of him. i think he's the best coach in football. what he has accomplished there in the last two years with the san francisco 49ers, what their team has accomplished with their coaches is unparalleled. >> none of us will ever know what you're feeling today, having defeated your brother in the super bowl. we may never see it again in another super bowl. any mixed emotions? of course you're on top of the world winning the game but about beating your brother? >> completely mixed emotions. walking across the field, i was
8:48 am
in his shoes and if it had gone the other way, i know he would have been, too. great to see for our fans, players, coaches. everybody did such a great job. it is a great thing, great accomplishment. at the same time when you're talking about your brother, your blood, your family, you're going to feel that, too. >> coach, savannah has been in the film room all morning, breaking down the game tape. she wanted me to ask you if you were surprised that your brother did not run kaepernick on any of those final four downs given what he had been able to do there in the second half. are you surprised they threw the ball and didn't use his legs? >> not at all. that's what they had to do. we set up the defense so that would be impossible. we were bringing everybody pretty much on every one of the snaps from second down on. there was really nowhere for him to run. the play calls were perfect. they did a good job of executing them. give our guys credit on defense. they did a great job playing defense, great job of execute i
8:49 am
ing. the job he did, calling the game all throughout the game but especially there at the end. they did what they had to do. colin made the right choices to throw the ball given the defense he was presented with. >> congratulations to you not just on winning, but great story. hope you get some sleep now and enjoy the day. >> thanks a lot. we were watching your show this morning in the room. you guys do a great job. we love your show. >> thanks, coach. >> thanks, coach. congratulations. >> now that he likes us, i think our day -- our day's not getting better after that. >> you're happy with the kaepernick answer? >> yes. it was gnawing at me. i'm glad we got into that. woel map out your family's meal for the entire week. for this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
back now at 8:51 with "today's" kitchen. what's for dinner? this morning we're giving you a week's worth of budget-friendly recipes. printable shopping list is available right now at donnate donnatelerestaurant here in new york. you claim to me this is easy. even i could do this. >> even you could do it. print out the recipes and cook this week. >> absolutely. stuffed shells. >> oldie but a goody.
8:52 am
take them out half the cooking advertisement al dente. oil them and put them right here. >> how long does cooking al dente, typically? >> about 10 minutes. after five minutes, take them out. >> got it. >> then ground lean beef i browned in garlic. simple pan of marinara with garlic. simmer 20 minutes. we're going to switch. i'm going to put you to work. >> yes, ma'am. for now i'm going to put some sauce in the meat and start mixing. >> right into the meat? >> right into the meat. i love stuffed shells. it's a complete dinner. everyone in the family loves it. your kids will love t you add the pasta. >> can you mix up the meat a little bit? >> yes, you can. if you want to use lean turkey, it's great. if you want to use part skim you
8:53 am
can. i'm cooking lower fat these days now that i'm over 40 and had a baby. >> even stuffed shells can be low fat, really? >> come on. get in there. mix it. >> you don't really want me to, it turns out. i was going slow for a reason. no control over there. okay. >> now we have a casserole with oil. i'm going to put a little sauce on the bottom and i want you to take a spoon and stuff one. >> oh, yeah. here we go. >> it really is simple, but it seems like it's difficult. >> how did i do? >> pretty good. >> is that enough in there? >> perfect. >> do another one. >> you line the bottom with oil? >> you have an oven on at 350, then top it with a little sauce. you put a little parmesan on top and, bam! >> wow! how long does this go in the oven? >> five, ten minutes to get a nice crust. it's already cooked everything. it's great for planning if
8:54 am
you're a mother, too. you can have it in the oven right when the kids come home, turn it on, finish it off and you're done. >> total time is 20 minutes? >> 20, 30 minutes. it's truly easy. you want balance for the week. salmon, but i cooked it in parchment, heart healthy. i think it's heart month. >> it is. >> my husband is a heart surgeon. >> you should probably know that, donnatella. >> very balanced and fun. >> al and natalie. >> what happened? >> she sped me up and i started throwing it up. >> do you love stuffed shells? >> i love stuffed shells. >> who doesn't love stuffed shells? >> they remind me of my childhood. >> she heard stuffed shells. >> little salad? >> light salad, greens. you can do rice with salmon. complete dish.
8:55 am
each of these are complete on their own and you just need a healthy green. >> and the advantage of parchment paper on the fish is -- >> it's an easy way to cook your fish in a very healthy way. you just wrap it in parchment. cook t you can't overcook it. you put vegetables that in season like carrots, turn ips, white wine and olive oil. >> fancier version of boy scout packs. >> exactly. >> sorry about the mess i made. up next, "today's" edition of take three.
8:56 am
>> announcer: this is a news 4 newsbreak. >> 8:56 is your time on this monday, february 4, 2013. good morning. taking a look at today's headlines a virginia senate committee will discuss whether to enforce background checks at gun shows in the commonwealth.
8:57 am
joe flacco will be honored at disneyworld after being named mvp yesterday. and restaurant week begins at 240 restaurants in the area. now tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> good morning. seven-day forecast showing a couple of times we'll get light snow. that's one tonight, another one maybe tomorrow night. the one this evening may begin as early as 6:00 p.m. or so to the far west in the mountains. into the metro area around 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. maybe a dusting to an inch. then another one tuesday night. highs, 40s into the weekend. >> thank you. we'll get
8:58 am
8:59 am
inbound 50 in maryland had a disabled truck that looks like it just left. passing landover you may see
9:00 am
this monday morning, 4th day of february. i'm willie geist, along with savannah, al, natalie and our special guest, donny deutsch joining us for take three. good night for the ads? >> i think it was an okay night for the ads. when you look at the success of the clydesdale ad, we're going back to human stories. let's have people finish spots on the air and -- >> nostalgia. >> yeah. really, people want back to basics and great human story. >> we'll dig in to some of those ads in a few moments.
9:01 am
take one, most memorable moment, jennifer hudson, we just talked to her here in the studio, and the sandy hook choir from the elementary school in newtown, connecticut, singing "america the beautiful." fair to say not a dry eye in the house or any house when that song was going on. >> you can see the football players even struggling on the field. they want to go in there, all ra ramped up for the game. but that was very emotional. >> jennifer talked about how hard the rehearsal was, to be around those kids. she said she went around, hugged them one by one. said i'm praying for you. you combine the stage she's on with the gravity of that moment, that's a huge performance. >> we were chatting before she went on with you and said i don't even know how you got through or even was able to sing. but the kids, i thought, were beautiful. >> they were wonderful. >> the whole spectacle from perspective. >> put it on a human level. >> and then we go past half time. looks like the game is going to be a blowout. 28-6 ravens. people are getting ready to tune
9:02 am
out. >> beyonce knocked it out. >> we'll get to beyonce. >> then the lights went out, quite literally. half the lights in the superdome. at least half of them go dark. john harbaugh, he said i think the lights just went out. >> same thing. >> so while this was going on, there are 231,500 tweets, hash tags included power outage, blackouts, super bowl blackout, blackout bowl. just a wild moment for which this game will be remembered. >> this is going to sound weird. i really enjoyed the blackout. that was probably my favorite part of the game. >> you need a life. >> i was like, come on, get back to it. >> it's unexpected. you don't -- reading the funny things on twitter. i watched the super bowl for the blackout. >> that's not supposed to happen. in this world -- you assume at that level -- >> that they test every bulb. >> we live in a time for a split second a lot of people got scared.
9:03 am
>> little nervous. >> you think there would be backups. >> wait a second, 2013. so i got scared. thank goodness that's all it was. >> i thought the worst. on twitter, people were hash taging, the reference to the dark knight, there was a scene in that movie. >> i never even thought of that. >> i said to my husband, oh, my gosh, there's a scene in that movie. it crossed my mind for a second. hearing jenna wolfe this morning saying everybody was having fun, being positive and nobody got nervous. that was good to hear. >> some companies actually jumped on the band wagon, like oreo, making that power out, no problem. you can still dunk in the dark. like 10,000 -- retweeted 10,000 times within an hour. >> any time an advertiser can kind of seize the moment and be part of the pop culture, i bet beer -- beer consumption went through the roof at that point. serious.
9:04 am
>> i can report that guacamole consumption went through the roof in one household. >> honestly, though, the numbers are going to come out. it's going to hurt. we talked about this earlier. there was a blowout. 35, 40 minutes, they lost a lot of audience. >> do you think people tuned in when they heard there's something crazy going on? >> they were tuned in any how. it's the only time in this country we are all doing the same thing. it's america's town meeting. it's a special, special day. >> and we all watch for the commercial. >> of course we do. >> super bowl commercials. al, you and i, donny, too, agreed on this farmers ad, which was dodge ram truck. what was it about that spot? >> a brilliant advertiser kind of, what i call, co-op an emf i emfamic esos. all that's great about farmers goes into this truck. we sometimes can take farmers for granted.
9:05 am
it was beautiful, well done, contrasting the opposite of what jeep did with veterans, which i felt was exploiting. i felt take ownership of all that's great of servicemen and said, hey, here's our jeep. >> i didn't mind that so much. i got a little emotional watching it. >> there was some emotion but then to say, okay, we're selling jeeps with this? i don't know. >> in some way the farm er ad struck me a little bit that way, too, commercializing the farmer with the jeep. i was kind of like -- although you didn't -- not the jeep, the dodge ram truck. although you didn't see it as much throughout. >> which ad did you guys think sucked? >> i think a lot of them. >> come on. we don't want to lose advertisers here, but which ones are you scratching your heads at? >> you know, i think the go daddy thing. >> go daddy. >> but that's a perfect example of, it's interesting. ad that is you like versus
9:06 am
effective. we were very deliberate. obviously a lot of people are rewatching our ad. you have a lot of kids watching it. >> if your kids there's a message that, in a strange way, the nerd can win. >> i love that. >> nice going. jeep, you're a little uncomfortable with but, you know, bar refaeli and this kid sucking face, you're like -- well, son -- the chia commercial, i thought that was terrific. >> that was cute. >> hyundai, that was cute. >> mercedes devil ad? >> i liked it. >> worpd what they pay for sympathy for the devil. had to be 3 million to 5 million. >> is that a popular group? >> advertisers have at their fingertips, the music, celebrities. i think contrasting also celebrities, i thought the spot
9:07 am
with seth rogan was great, making fun of celebrityies. versus amy poehler, who i love, showed up in best buy. it was just a celebrity endorsement. when you can have fun with yourselves is when it works. >> clydesdale we all loved, though. >> great ad. half time, beyonce turned the lights out. >> literally. >> reunited with destiny's child after six years, came out and absolutely killed it. >> overwhelmed by the performance. >> beyonce is amazing. i thought -- you know, that is theiterally in the world. when destiny's child came out i leaned in further and showed me maybe there wasn't the same level as the stones or some other people. she was great but somehow she didn't seem to be holding as muc much. >> i think she totally speaks to a younger generation, absolutely. in the past, super bowl has gone
9:08 am
for the older crowd. >> this is an '80s panel. >> exactly. >> did you notice it when destiny's child came up, the whole thing went up, whole energy went up. it's suggestive of me -- >> no. that doesn't mean there's no energy to start with. >> what do i know? >> and then it was more exciting. >> look, you have handlers that will walk in and grab you. >> baby boomers back out here. >> i'm donny deutsch and i approve this message. >> "meet the press." take three has gotten very ornery. >> strange but delicious things happening over here. cookie or cream oreo created life-size statues of us. >> we've come a long way when i'm the cream and willie is the
9:09 am
chocolate cookie. >> is that you, willie? >> you or ronald reagan. >> it's me. >> can we eat them? >> no. >> no. >> that's just not right. >> so are you cookie or cream? >> i don't know. which one is -- >> i'm cream. >> you eat it, right into the cream? >> they belong together, you know. it's like a symphony. >> wow! >> you like that one. >> getting deep. >> they've got this thing for the next three days. you can post a photo with the #cookiethis or #creamthis. oreo, in return, will re-create your photograph made of cookies or cream. >> just in time for the holidays. there you go. >> it wasn't in the budget to have your bust made. donny, thanks a lot. >> large glass of milk to go with that? >> you'll need that to get through me and al's head over there. natalie has the headlines. okay. now in its seventh day,
9:10 am
officials say they still don't have a motive for why 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is holding a child host nanlg an underground bunker. the child is being identified only as ethan. authorities are talking with dykes p, accused of shooting the boy's school bus driver during the abduction. a funeral was held friday for that driver who died trying to protect the kids on his bus. navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle and a friend at the shooting range. eddie ray routh, 25-year iraq war veteran, is charged with killing chris kyle and chad littlefield over the weekend. authorities say routh may have mental health problems and is on suicide watch. as many as 15 people are being questioned in the disappearance and death of a new york city woman in turkey. turkish police say sarai sierra
9:11 am
died from a blow to her head. her body was found saturday near the remnants of an ancient city wall in istanbul. the 33-year-old mother of two was last heard from on january 21st, just before she was supposed to fly home from her solo vacation in turkey. amazing recovery for teen activists malala yousafzai. a video message has been released, showing her speak out for the first time. malala was shot in the head by the taliban last october in her native pakistan. she was oshot for her outspoken advocacy. >> today i can see that i'm alive. i can see you. i can see everyone. and today i can see that i'm getting better day by day. >> just an incredible young lady. she also announces the establishment of her new charity, the malala fund for girls' education. the message was recorded before malala's most recent surgery
9:12 am
over the weekend, which the doctors have described as a success. the president heads to minneapolis today to meet with local leaders on the issue of gun control. in his annual presuper bowl interview last night he addressed a range of other issues, including the risk of brain injury in children playing football. >> i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer and that means that the game is probably going to evolve a little bit. >> president obama also addressed the boy scouts' longstanding policy of excluding gays and lesbians, saying that they should have, quote, access and opportunity the same way everyone else does. researchers in england say they have found a skeleton of king richard iii. dna results show the battle scarred bones under a parking lot are, no doubt, those of the king killed in battle some years ago. he was immortalized by william shakespeare as a brutal tyrant who said now is our winter of
9:13 am
discontent and my kingdom for a horse. the king will be reburied at a nearby cathedral early next year. lovestruck zombies of "warm bodies" heated up the box office with a $20 million opening. last week's hansel & gretel: witch hunters" dropped to second and "silver linings playbook" came in third. >> warm body. >> when you and i dropped off richard iii when we went out drinking, he wasn't up there, was he? >> that parking lot? >> carried up a few blocks. >> nice. >> i don't remember that. >> natalie, thanks a lot. al, how about a >> i don't remember that. >> how about a check of the weather? >> lake effect snow to talk about. we have a clipper bringing snow from milwaukee, chicago, as far south as cincinnati into pittsburgh. as the systems make their way across we have the first one coming through this afternoon. late this morning into the afternoon hours and a second system comes down from canada and brings more snow to duluth,
9:14 am
minneapolis, milwaukee. look for generally three to six inches of snow. lake enhanced snow adds to that anywhere from six to nine inches in parts of pennsylvania into upstate new york between oswego and syracuse. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. past 9:00. still below freezing. upper 20s to around 30. tonight the system coming through after we reach mid 30s this afternoon. we could get a coating to an inch. perhaps beginning as early as 6:00 p.m. metro area, 8:00 p.m. to midnight ending east of washington by 2:00 a.m. enough to cause slick spots for the morning commute on tuesday. could get another quick event tuesday >> that's your latest weather. that was stevie wonder. >> in the budweiser voodeoo, tht
9:15 am
was stevie wonder. >> i don't think anybody knew that. >> they should have broke into song or something. >> all right, al, thanks. donny, thank you. coming up next, inside celebrity homes, right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] progresso light soups. so many tempting varieties, 100 calories or less. get back on track with these weight watchers-endorsed products at walmart.
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kellogg's. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. when it's freshly colored... but why cant it last? new dove for color treated hair has a dual stripe formulation that nourishes and protects colored hair, because nourished hair can keep color vibrant for up to 8 weeks. new dove color care. keep the color vibrant, keep the feeling. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up.
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kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. latest issue of architectural digest takes a peek inside celebrity homes. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. are these celebrities eager to have you come inside their home and take photographs? >> they are. it's a lot of fun to go and show another sign of a celebrity. it's very surprising. >> let's take a look at elton john's place, the new place in los angeles. tell us about it. >> new place in los angeles is a kid-friendly home. that's the biggest change. they now have zachary, who is 2, and a newborn, elijah. this house is all about privacy and it's a real sanctuary for
9:19 am
them. people in the public eye, it's nice to know they can have a place where they can kick back and enjoy their family and their friends. this place is so sunny and cheerful. it's really built around art. elton john has an extraordinary art collection, collecting art glass, paintings, and photography. >> and shoes, apparently. >> and shoes. those are his shoes. >> his bedroom looks something like a museum. is that fair to say? >> it's fair to say he has one of the most important collections of photographs. for the first time they're all displayed in oplace. that house is all about the art. elton told us it's really all about the kids and everything is very child friendly, indoor/outdoor fabrics. >> his child friendly looks different than my child friendly. >> yes. it's about as casual as you can get if you're elton john. >> absolutely. let's take a look at will ferrell's place, new york city apartment. used to be a printing factory, i
9:20 am
guess. >> it's a loft downtown. will ferrell is a funny guy. you would not expect him to be so chic. look at this place. it is really, really sophisticate sophisticated. he is also an architecture, and his wife really loves a lot of antiques, filled with mid-century furniture, worked with l.a. modern auctions for a long time. she knows her stuff. this is also a kid-friendly place. they have three little boys between the ages of 3 and 8. that's one of their bedrooms. the wall there is coverd with recycled newspaper, one of their favorite things, they said. >> really cool. simple modern look it looks like. >> uh-huh. >> let's go to another one. john legend. he has kind of cool tastes. what does his place look like? >> so cool and so john legend. he was so excited about decorating. he workd with don stewart, who he met through kanye west.
9:21 am
this place is so fun to photograph. little bit of an exotic vibe. he actually has a recording studio at home. a lot of new furniture, old furniture. but it has a great sense of warmth. >> and he has a zen garden in the back as well? >> he does have a zen garden. a lot of terraces around the house. >> very cool. fun look inside celebrity homes. margaret russell, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> good to talk to you. still ahead, olympian leah neil. first these messages. regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. its creamy, thick texture helps satisfy you. so you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied.
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9:25 am
just out, the annual list of the best children's hospitals in the country. plus easy to make personalized valentine's day gifts. >> after your local news and weather. these heads belong to those who can't put their lives, jobs and loved ones on hold because of a migraine. so when a migraine starts, they grab excedrin migraine. they know excedrin provides fast pain relief. plus it relieves sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. no wonder it's #1 neurologist recommended. excedrin specializes in ending headaches and like you we won't be easily stopped. not even by migraines. migraines are where excedrin excels. when it's freshly colored... but why cant it last? new dove for color treated hair has a dual stripe formulation that nourishes and protects colored hair, because nourished hair can keep color vibrant for up to 8 weeks. new dove color care. keep the color vibrant, keep the feeling. [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats.
9:26 am
perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. this is a news 4 news break. >> it's 9:26 on this monday, february 4th. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. sunny outside now but we could be in for more snow this evening. your storm team four meteorologist tom kierein. >> we have a couple of opportunities for that. once tonight and again tomorrow. the seven-day forecast showing temperatures above freezing each afternoon. any snow we get tonight will be melting tomorrow. we could get a dusting to an inch around the metro area around a 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. ending after midnight tonight. then again on tuesday night. high 40s after that each day into the weekend. maybe rain friday. >> danella is keeping a tab on
9:27 am
(woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people.
9:28 am
♪ and it's beautiful good morning. traveling in virginia on arlington boulevard. there is a crash at # 50 and patrick henry drive. the left lane is blocked in both directions. you can expect delays. the crash there does involve multiple vehicles. let's go to 66. not bad at all as you make your way past 28 eastbound. you are just a bit slow here.
9:29 am
then again as you get towards chain bridge you will see a little bit more volume. it's not bad. 17 minutes to get from fairfax county to the capital beltway. montgomery county, nice and clear in both directions. aaron? >> don't forg
9:30 am
back now with more of "today" on this monday, february 4th. i'm willie geist alongside natalie morales and al roker. after swimming her way to the bronze in the 2012 olympics, leah neale is on a list celebrating african-americans. we'll look at who else is on that list. plenty of time to make a special gift for your loved ones. they're more personal and may save you some money perhaps. top children's hospitals in
9:31 am
the country. we'll reveal the just released list. >> we'll check that out shortly. of the weather. >> let's see what we have for you starting with the afternoon temperatures. way below normal up to the north and west. especially in the northern plains. we are looking at warmer than usual temperatures jet stream to the north in the western part of the country. as far as our afternoon highs and current conditions, we are looking at snow making its way on the upper great lakes into the north east. a lot of rain through the gulf coast to the midatlantic states. more sunshine, cooler than usual temperatures in the southwest into southern california. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm tom kierein on monday morning. we are still below freezing. around 30 in much of the region. temperatures will be climbing in the mid and upper 30s this afternoon. tonight, could get a quick coating to maybe an inch to the area in light blue. maybe more of the dark blue area generally between 7 or 8 p.m. to
9:32 am
1:00 or 2:00 a.m. on tuesday. maybe just a few flurries or a light dusting farther south and east. maybe we get it >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. this morning, we are revealing the grio's 100 list, coinciding with black history month. celebrates african-americans who are making a difference in sports, entertainment, politics, education and more. david wilson is the executive editor of and leah neale, who made her list, by swimming to the bronze as a bronn olympian in the 2012 london olympics. >> we are a division of nbc news. we launched in june 2009. we wanted to do something where each year we celebrate african-american history month
9:33 am
in a different way, looking forward. we always honor our past, but we also want to honor the folks who are coming forward today, who will be doing great things in the years to come. >> this suspect just a list that affects african-americans. it affects all americans. >> absolutely. president obama talks about citizenship. you can't find a list of better citizens, people who are actually, you know, really making sure that children have better education, that there's health awareness, who are actually volunteering, going into service for our country. so this list is really about 100 americans who just happen to be black. >> let's talk about the young woman sitting here, leah neale. besides the obvious, the medals around her neck, what is it about her that made you want to put her on this list? >> she's obviously very well accompli accomplished, won a bronze at the last olympics. we also see she's going to have a very bright future, hoping to see her down in brazil in 2016. so she's -- i think she's quite
9:34 am
poised and accomplished and very much an inspiration to a lot of young african-american women. >> this is a sport where you don't see a l of african-americans chart an inkr incredible path as you have been able to. what do you say to those who aspire to what you have done? >> i think what i would say to those people who kind of look up to me or kind of do what i did, just to keep to it. keep to your goals. it's not going to be like 100% like easy the whole way. but you just have to be persistent and you'll eventually achieve what you want to achieve. >> you're going to be a role model for all these kids who are coming up. who inspired you? who is your role model? >> while i was growing up with swimming -- when i first got involved in the sport, i very much looked up to natalie coughlin. she was just like the it girl. she was everywhere. she was beautiful and fast. she had so much accomplishments. and then as i grew older, i
9:35 am
started looking up to more and more of the national team. and then to be on the same team as them and represent the u.s. was just amazing. i realized how great all these people actually were. >> you're a high school senior, going to stamford, soon, too. >> yeah. >> and had you vu stve you stopk about how your life has changed? when you win that medal, obviously, it takes you in a whole different direction. how has your life changed since then? >> it's changed a lot with all the media, interviews and also getting to meet very interesting and new people. it's just been -- it's changed for the better. i'm so blessed to have this. >> we look forward to seeing you, hopefully in rio, as david wilson talked about. david wilson and leah neale, thank you so much. you can find out more on
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[ male announcer ] now buy one nokia lumia 920 for just $99.99 and get a second one free at at&t. ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> announcer: "today" celebrates valentine's day is brought to
9:40 am
you by silky smooth dove chocolate promises. the perfect little treat for all your valentines. this morning on "today" celebrates valentine's day, homemade gifts with a very personal touch. jodi levine joins us. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> this idea comes from photos. >> people are taking so many pictures nowadays on their phones and so many great apps help you easily turn them black and white. we used a lot of photography in our valentine's. >> first a little sweet treat but first with that personal touch. >> we found these cute boxes online that are clear. >> where did you find these? >> we printed the pictures on vellum, which is cool because
9:41 am
it's transluscent. you take your box lid, trace it, cut out the circle. i'll show you how to put it in the box. it's so easy. take a glue stick, couple of dabs of glue. you don't even need to use a lot. the paper is very lightweight. you pop it on the lid. i did the wrong side. you pop just a couple of dabs. >> you also made delicious-looking cookies. >> you could fill these with homemade treats or go to the store and get candy, whatever you want to do. see how cute that is? >> gorgeous. all right. i'll move on to my next project here. jewelry. >> this is a sweet way to give a photograph. it's a very sentimental gift. the craft store instead of the jewelry store. jewelry making aisle of the craft store, a modern necklace here. that would be cool for a grandma, one with each grand kid. >> tiny picture to go in there.
9:42 am
>> they have all different sizes. we had a lot of fun finding photographs where they interact with a locket as a way to present it. you see there's a picture right here with a baby. and it looks like the baby is holding the locket. this is a cute way to present it. >> i like that idea. >> i get stationary? tell me what to do here. >> sending out valentines you can do a stationary upgrade. we love the way high-end stationary has that tipped edge, bright pop of color. this is an effect you can get at home. take a straight edge ruler. these pens are very vibrant and bright. if you just line -- put your ruler to the and edgy rub the marker back and forth. >> what color are we using here? >> bright orange. love these bright colors for valentine's day and take sticky
9:43 am
paper. these stickers at the craft store cut a stamp edge. >> i love that. >> regular cards or envelopes. >> dresses it up a little bit. gives it a little pop. al, making pillows, his favorite. >> first these bags. personalized bags. >> these canvas pouchs are great. there's no sewing. they're prebought. you can get fabric that goes into your ink jet printer. we printed this on to the fabric and then ironed it on to the facing. >> it turns it into like a patch. i'm going to lay it on here. you don't want to put your iron on to the photograph. take a scrap fabric, give it a little iron. and use a very hot iron, no steam. >> you don't have to buy a new piece of equipment. >> no, you have it.
9:44 am
and you probably have an ink jet printer. and you're done. you can even put a gift inside of it. >> gift within a gift. >> yes. >> and you can make pillows. >> yes. >> guys love a pillow. >> can't get enough. >> on the bed, 30, 40 pillows. >> 20 pillows. >> that would be terrific. >> go over there, al. sit on that chair. >> yeah. >> they have this nice linen that goes into your ink jet printer. >> it goes right on the pillow? >> yes. we soed it into a very simple pillow. >> who are these people? >> friends and family. >> do they even know they're on a pillow? >> probably not. >> thank you very much. >> willie is really into the project. >> you just need to do 100 more of those. >> jodi levine, thank you so much. great ideas for all of us. thanks. coming up next, the
9:45 am
country's best children's hospitals right after this. [ female announcer ] this year, i have a lot more than one valentine. one, for making my perfect cup of coffee. one for being the perfect neighbor. and one for no reason at all. ♪
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9:49 am
>> announcer: "today's" health is brought to you by kleenex brand tissues, softness worth sharing. >> with more on "today's" health, the best children's hospitals in the country. from "parents" magazine, revealing their top picks. dana, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how did you come up with this survey and the hospital that is ended up on the list? >> this took an exhaustive amount of research. we went to more than 66 children's hospitals in the u.s. and we asked them each to fill out the survey, a thousand data points. 66,000 pieces of data later, we have the winners. >> from data points to dana points. like that. >> right. >> number one, children's hospital of philadelphia, better known as c.h.o.p.s.
9:50 am
>> exactly. >> why listed as number one? >> you have to do everything well, which is true of all the hospit hospitals on our list. >> this is a very close list. >> yes. severe cases of leukemia and one-dose treatments for neuroblastoma and lymphoma. >> as far as research and studies go, unparalleled, boston. >> exactly. they published thousands of studies the past two years. you also had to be family friendly. boston children's hospital has a clown care unit from the big apple circus. >> that's great. >> not about caring for clowns. clowns will come and interact with the children and make them feel better. >> in cincinnati, their hospital there. >> cincinnati children's hospital medical center was number three on the list. they're really interesting. they do a lot of things well. they put an mri in their neo neonatal intensive care unit. they're leading a study of migraine prevention for children and next month will open up pet
9:51 am
visitation so that pets and kids can visit, they can see their actual pets from home. >> neonatal care, children's hospital in milwaukee exceeds in that. >> exactly. children's hospital there, 90% of babies born under 2.2 pounds, the most severe preemies, 90% go home with their families, an exceptional rate. >> in aurora, colorado, number five overall but you say their family friendliness far exceeds everyone's. >> specialty lists for heart care, preemie care and cancer care. they were number one on the family friendliness list. >> let's say you can't get to one of these five. what should you be looking for in a children's hospital? >> if you have a child with a very severe condition, for some families that means you have to travel to get to one. you want to enlist the help of your child's personal physician or specialty team and really don't give up. you can often enroll a child who
9:52 am
is really ill in a study and those hospitalizations are paid for, for families who really need it. >> dana, thank you very much. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
special guest with us tomorrow. in studio, joining us for take three. and a lot more, from 90210. up next, kathie lee and hoda, probably talking about the big game. >> that's right. super bowl mania after your local news and weather. have a great day, everyone.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> announcer: this is a news 4 news break. >> 9:57 is the time on this monday, february 4, 2013. good morning. ravens fans get to celebrate their team's super bowl title tomorrow. baltimore will host a parade to honor the team at 10:45 in the morning at city hall. the parade route ends at m & t bank stadium. the celebration continues at 12:30.
9:58 am
the whole event is free and open to the public. the ravens beat the san francisco 49ers 34-31 in super bowl xlvii last night. it could be chilly for ravens fans though. let's check in with tom for the forecast. >> right now temperatures are just beginning to approach the freezing mark. we have been in the 20s all morning long. reagan national at 31. still in the 20s in rural areas. could get an inch. danella, how's traffic? >> taking the wilson bridge outer loop. a report of an accident. you're slow because of bridge inspections on the american legion bridge. back to you. >> on mid
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to fun day monday. it's our last fun day monday before it's really fun on wednesday. sfwoo we're building it up into a monster of a show. >> we have no idea what it's actually going to be. >> wednesday is the day we start drinking again on the show. >> we're going to enjoy it. >> until then we're going to have a rasberry lemon cooler. it's supposedly spicy.
10:01 am
let's see. wow. >> yeah. how was your football weekend? >> it was a fun weekend. >> yes. she went down to palm beach. >> i did go to palm beach. oh, what a surprise. i go to palm beach for a book signing. i'm signing books outside of jennifer miller's jewelry store, a friend of ours. >> right there. love it. >> who walks up screaming where is kathie lee over and over and over again but regis. he showed up, and he said i heard she was coming. hoda, what are you doing here? so, anyway, he lathered this crowd -- he was in the middle of it. >> oh, so sweet of them to come by. >> oh, my god. he kept going i know she's here. everybody said is she here? >> such a troublemaker. >> that's the crowd. >> we get together for dinner as often as we can. usually it's every six weeks or so. we pick up where we were before. every time we would walk into a restaurant regis, i like to
10:02 am
quietly get into a booth. he goes that's right, it's regis. look who is here. i can't get rid of her. it's kathie lee. she wants her old job back. i said i'll try. sfwroo before you know it everybody is into a lather. >> that place was so happy. he left, and it was over, and i was still there. >> that's the way he does. he ambushes and leaves you there to pick up the pieces. >> you didn't have a super bowl party in your house. >> for the first time in 27 years we did not have a super bowl party. i liked it. i love all our friends who come to it, but it's aloof work. it's a lot of work. we're getting too old. let young people throw the parties, and then we'll come. >> i can't believe the game. there were so many surprises in the game. >> shall we walk down memory lane a little? >> it started out being a blow-out. baltimore was killing it, and it looked like one of those games that you were going to yawn through like a lot of the super bowl games. then suddenly the lights went out, which was unbelievable.
10:03 am
for 34 minutes. the dome lights inside -- part of them stayed on, but most of them were off. >> can you imagine how that takes all the -- all the momentum out of it, all the -- everybody was -- all their emotions are already on the surface. a lot of fights were breaking out. you could tell it was just -- >> very tense. >> i went to bed. >> me too. stoo then they turned the beat around, san francisco, and they've been doing apparently. they had a great comeback, and at the end they couldn't win it, but it was an exciting game, and there was a little bit of drama. >> i heard there was drama at the end. the two brothers, that were coaches, apparently said they weren't nice enough to one another. >> they didn't hug. they seemed nice. here's the thing, though. those two -- if you fast forward to, like, three thanksgivings from now when it's just the two of them and they're having a conversation about that game and the coach from san francisco thinks there was an interference called that was missed at the end and you can already picture -- like, i can't imagine if they don't say, look, it's just me and you.
10:04 am
you tell me that that guy -- can you picture it? i picture it's going to be one of those things. >> i don't know, hoda. i doubt we will be privy to it if and when it happens. everybody was talking about beyonce. >> oh, my god. >> she absolutely blew it away. >> killed it. killed it. ♪ baby it's you ♪ you're the one i love ♪ you're the one i need ♪ you're the only one i see >> come on. sing it, girl. >> yep. >> and then when the lights come on. >> come on. >> oh, yeah. >> come on. ♪ come on, baby >> she's one of the finest live performers you'll ever ever see in your life. i've been around since -- and nobody is like beyonce. >> i don't know what -- >> she's fantastic. >> ever, ever, ever. she just has such precision. all the great performers come here out on the plaza all the time, but i have never seen
10:05 am
precision like her. >> not like that. she practiced that one to the p end. she was clearly going to singe live. she showed up with destiny's child. >> they're still fantastic together. really, really good. i'm happy for her because that whole thing with the anthem before was -- was much ado about nothing. >> much ado about nothing. >> also, alicia keys, i think she was singing it live. i think in light of beyonce's situation with the inaugural, i think they said, all right, since we're in a super dome and -- >> let's do it live. >> there's no f-16 flying over or anything. >> she made sure you knew it was live. playing the piano and being the way she paused. >> or she was trying to remember the lyrics. who doesn't? ♪ o, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> see, with that song, you never know why people are taking the pauses. is it the -- and the mountains
10:06 am
and the -- >> the pressure. the pressure has to be crazy. >> oh, my -- i got up in church yesterday to read the scripture, and he was trembling. he was. i have no idea. yes. it was fun. the time that i sang the national anthem, ten years later i was at my friend david friedman's partner's son's church. i said, boy, has my career done well. i went from the super bowl ten years ago to a unity church that's on top of a ford dealership. >> but we should point out that the last time the san francisco 49ers won the super bowl -- >> what's the one that i did sing? >> you sang the anthem. >> that is right. >> that's a little bit of history. trivia. >> you know, you know. the touching moment came as the 26 kids from the chorus of the sandy hook elementary school came to the stage with jennifer hudson and sang. >> beautiful. >> "god bless america". ♪ >> "america the beautiful."
10:07 am
it was so beautiful. >> i often enjoyed this song even more than the anthem. it's just so profoundly personal. >> you're right. you can tell how it was touching the players. i mean, right before a game to feel that kind of a wash of emotion was something. that was beautiful. that was really beautiful. that's the best of america right there. >> there were a lot of commercials that are -- that were -- >> some hits. lots of misses, i thought. >> overall, i wasn't -- >> i didn't see the second half. i did see that guy are an back the longest ever touchdown. 109 yards. that was unbelievable. >> that was good. one of my favorite ads was the one with the taco bell with the older crowd. >> betty white was going to show up any second with off their rockers. >> it reminded me from "cocoon." >> my favorite one was the clydesdales. >> they're breaking out of the
10:08 am
old folks home. >> oh. ♪ >> yeah. i guess we're going to watch the whole thing. okay. >> parts of it. >> no, it's adorable. it really is. they don't stop having fun just because you're 90 or so. >> they were making out. >> you can do it. you really want to. >> oh, that was the moment that joe man man. you got to see the ketchup stain. this guy sitting there and was eating fries, and out of nowhere, look what happens. oh. >> dude, you got montana on your jersey. >> he becomes unbelievably famous. >> they're talking about he was on the "today" show five times. sfloom went like this, and -- >> it's real. >> anyway -- >> the montana stain is taking the nation. >> i don't know how much we're going to see of this. >> let's take it to the end.
10:09 am
we're here. >> i saw the stain. >> put it on. >> stain on a stick. >> montana land. >> look. here. >> where is my 49ers jerdzy? >> i washed it. >> you washed it? >> there was a stain on it. >> oh! oh. >> go ravens. >> come on. >> that was so great. >> i was thinking about that one this morning. when was it decided that it was going between san francisco and baltimore? only a couple of weeks ago. snoo they must have had that. >> they shot that thing that fast. >> you're right. >> they probably -- they knew who was in the finals. >> you're right. >> but isn't that amazing? a lot of those other ones are made months and months in advance. >> you're right. they came up with that very, very quickly. >> you're right. can we say hi to julie? >> hi, julie. >> julie is over here. we did a ten years later contest winner. >> she has an amazing story. >> she has an amazing story.
10:10 am
she's a two-time cancer survivor. breath cancer and ovarian cancer. her doctors said she had a 17% chance of living, but guess what, it's 2013, it's six years later, and she is still defying the odds. >> she's living well. look how beautiful she is. >> we're going to lunch together. >> okay. excellent. >> we'll see you later. >> in the meantime, we are a little late having our everyone has a story getting back on track because of the new year. do you think beyonce is the only one that can pack a stadium? our winners today, and we will have a song for her on thursday, is vicky. lisa miller. oh, and her daughter. all right. let's figure it out. rochester, new york, and vicky and lisa are on the phone now. after her son was deployed overseas, he asked her to send a gift to his girlfriend, and i
10:11 am
guess that's who lisa is. they didn't tell me the name before. vicky started a really cool nonprofit called full circle homes. he said if i can't be there, mom, will you take her a gift for christmas? she realized there must be so many moms or significant other that is would love to receive something special, so she started doing it with the help of her friend, lisa, picked it up, and, sorry, wrote this song a long time ago. and so they've been sending gifts to the troops. >> love it. >> it sounded like a christmas thing in the past, but now they do it for mother's day, so we thought we would highlight their story now to give everybody time to get in their requests for mother's day. >> i love it. >> coming up before -- it will be here. sorry, guys. i butchered that. sorry. >> hey. >> are you excited to come see us? they're excited. >> are you guys drinking? >> you'll be here on thursday. okay? we'll get everything right by then. david and i have written a song i thinkure going to really, really love.
10:12 am
we'll figure it all out. thank you, ladies. god bless. >> time for favorite things. you want to go first? this is something -- i talked about it once before, but i think it's so important. the rita hazan root spray. look at my roots. want great. not great. no, no. it's time. it's time. >> i need to go. this is what -- this saves your buns. rita hazan. >> that's the first time you've ever repeated. a favorite thing. >> because i needed it, and i didn't have one. >> okay. mine is i think quite adorable. this is amanda. this is the cutest thing. it's -- can you go back? you skipped mine. please. there we go. tell us about the hat. >> i got you. >> give us the hat. >> it's a beautiful hat. >> oh, yeah. >> here she is. peek-a-boo ponytail hats. they're $36.95. they come in multiple colors. available at
10:13 am
>> here's the point. >> here's the point. see, can you turn around? it has a hole there for high ponytail and around you'll find another spot, a lower place for a lower ponytail. >> cute. >> so you don't have to smash it, and i thought that was adorable. thank you, sweetie. >> we should point out there are crazy people in their underwear outside of our window, and that happens often. these people are -- >> not with bodies like that. yeah. let's let those guys come in. >> it's called the cupid undie run. >> you're chad? >> chad. >> it's so -- tell us about your -- >> it's called the cupid undie run and it's to benefit the children's tumor foundation, and it was started by myself and a few friends of mine in d.c. brendan, bobby, and taylor, and this is our new york city race director julie. >> of course, she is. >> who is looking at her?
10:14 am
>> very clever idea. >> very sweet. you are getting everybody's attention. >> you are right about that out there in the freezing cold. sfroo we got to let them in. we are cruel. tell them we're sorry. it wasn't my idea. >> this is a preview for saturday. >> we have two spots left in case you're interested. >> this is for matt lauer and this is for al roker. >> oh, thanks, guys. thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> all righty. she is one of hollywood's hottest moms, former playmate of the year, and she's single. a new talk show, jenny mccarthy is here, and from the super bowl performances you may not have seen to another big win for ben affleck. rob shooter is here, and he needs a dentist. we will explain after this. >> he will now be known as ben afflick. >> right after this. ♪ i woke up to a new day ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on
10:15 am
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10:18 am
>> yes, it does. >> she even posed for "playboy" again just before turning 40. >> this mom has also written eight books, seven of them on the "new york times" best selling list. >> she's living. >> she's about to launch her own friday night talk show. it is called the jenny mccarthy show. take a look. ♪ >> cute. >> so crazy. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> she goes i'm a single mom. i needed a job. come on. nobody believes that. >> it was a long time in the making, and i have been waiting for this job. i haven't found one that fit me best in hollywood, and talk show, i have been in that circuit of trying to get one going, and i realized where i could be my most authentic self is in late night. i am a little bit of a dirty
10:19 am
bird sometimes. >> a little naughty. >> i haven't bleeped on your show, but still the show is pg-13. i have a son that's 10, and he will be in the greenroom, so i can't go too far. one of the things i tried to mimic was "playboy" after dark where hef did welcome to my late night party. a little sammy davis junior. >> that would be quite -- >> i do have the long island psychic coming on the show. i just wanted to make it a party fun atmosphere, and i even do interviews where i lay on the ground. >> i don't understand that. so you're on the ground. what happens? >> it can be quite tricky and stuffy and not their authentic self. i did a little trick with bradley cooper. i want to trick him real good. and i did this thing where i lay on the ground, and he held up a flip cam, and we did this interview face-to-face, and i held on to this for a few years saying i want to kind of put the celebrities on the ground and do this groundbreaking interview,
10:20 am
and we do it now on the show, and it turned out to be a -- the best segment on the show. >> great, great. >> when you say let's do this, are they all pretty much game? >> they say, come on. we just lay down and hold up the flip cam, and i get this interview, this very conversational and really different. >> yes. >> they feel like they're with their shrink. >> yeah, right. >> let's talk about your singleness. you were doing a show called love in the wild. >> then one called singled out. >> what's going on with you in the men department? >> i don't know what's going with me. >> what's the problem really? is it you? >> i don't know. i wish someone would tell me. my sister probably here would say yes, it is. you know, i am a serial dater. i had the next one lined up. this is the first time in my life that i'm going, you know what, i'm going to take some time for me because the order was like this for single moms. work so you can pay the bill, evan, and then a boy, and that boy has to be so good he is going to take time away from number two? you better -- >> how about we go for a man
10:21 am
instead of a boy? >> i know. >> that was a little faux pas. yes, yes. you don't want -- you need -- you know what i mean. >> no, no, no. i mean, you're right. there's a few people that i find very interesting right now. we should see. >> let us know because it will spoil everything. >> we we should you the best of luck with your show. >> it begins this friday night on vh1. 9:30, righ>> we would love to h show sfwloosh he is hollywood's it guy. another big honor for ben affleck. all the celebrity scoop you may have missed. rob shooter is here, and he is going to a dentist right after the show. >> he is a little toothless at the moment. okay. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. i'd stay clear of that cleaner, too, if i were made of wood and granite. why don't you try pledge? ♪ pledge multi-surface. [ man ] its formula's safe on all kinds of stuff, like this... and this... and this. so furniture has nothing to fear. good boy.
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10:24 am
>> bringing sexy back to new
10:25 am
orleans. a new drama. we have all your hot celebrity buzz coming up. >> plus, the commercials chshgs ones scored and which ones fumbled. >> the newest member of the joy fit club. she lost nearly 150 pounds. we'll find out how she did that. first, your local muse. ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody. you know what, while we're waiting why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now? yeah go hide. go on buddy. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ son ] are you even looking for me? i am looking! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded big bites of premium breast meat, seasoned in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. [ son ] dad? [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. - at dole, we start with the best fruit, pack it in %100 juice, and let the award-winning taste speak for itself. dole fruit bowls. made simply, so they're simply delicious.
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>> back now with more of "today" on this fun day upon. time for today's buzz where we catch up on all the hot hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend. >> we all saw beyonce bring down the house, but there was other big super bowl concerts. not to mention a big award, another one for ben affleck. with all the scoop, the always naughty but nice huffington post columnist rob shooter. sflo now, rob may be shooting a tooth out at any moment too. >> we want you to be careful because rob almost didn't make the show. we have a picture of his before picture. >> anyway, he lost a couple of his chops, but he is gluing them back in.
10:31 am
>> debbie glassman will see me straight afterward to fix my tooth. >> maybe she can do your hair too. >> let's talk about beyonce's big night. >> she killed it. she came out and did eight songs in 12 minutes. >> that's a woman. >> eight songs in 12 minutes. she definitely sang live so people were going nuts. there was a destiny's child reunion on stage that people went crazy for. it was a fabulous time. >> i can't even take a normal -- smile. it's out. it's out. okay. >> listen, justin timberlake did a concert. >> the day before the concert, mark cukan puts on a massive show for his network. >> that's crazy, crazy. >> justin performed at that show. a little bit of drama there.
10:32 am
before he did "cry me a river" that song he wrote for britney spears, before he did that, he used a -- >> to britney spears. >> say susan somers. >> susan somers wasn't there. so he used the b-word, and the b-word before he sang this song, so many people now are saying that he called britney the big -- he went on twitter and said that he would never disrespect anybody. it was not aimed at her. >> okay. bobby christina is speaking out after cisse houston's book and interview. >> cissy houston -- >> good one. >> what did she say? >> cissy houston told the truth like i have never read a book about a celebrity where so much was revealed. nothing was held back. people now are pretty angry
10:33 am
about it. bobbie christina went to twitter, and said it was a little disrespectful to her mother. other family members have told me that they're a little disappointed, and they wanted to keep the legacy, maybe the fantasy rather than the harsh truth. >> maybe the mother just wants it to be a real -- a profound warning to other people that only the truth is. >> truth will set you free, and there is nothing held back. >> listen to you quoting scripture. >> he said three. i can't understand. >> bates what's going on with ben affleck? >> oh, ben afflick we have to call it him. >> won the directors guild award. he was snubbed for this award at the oscars, so everybody is talking about that. now, he won it, and he had something on his hand. everybody thought it was his acceptance speech. it wasn't. it's a little note from his daughter. i love that. >> i heart papa. >> other celebrities have done that. when sandra bullock adopted
10:34 am
little louie, she stuffed his sock in her purse as a good luck charm. >> he is so grounded now. i finally saw "argo" this weekend. i thought it was just sensational. >> wasn't it? >> really fascinating. >> to all these awards, maybe it could knock "lincoln" off that number one spot, and he might go all the way to the oscars. >> people win for best director. speilberg won for -- i have never understood that. you can't give a great performance without a great director. you can't make a great film without a great director. >> you need to go immediately to the dentist. i can't take another minute. >> say susan somers one more time. >> susan somers. >> they made you laugh. they made you cry. which super bowl ads were your favorite? >> we'll look at all the hits and misses after this. lots of different waysle e to say get well to your loved ones. ♪ this came for you, mommy. [ female announcer ] but it takes the touch of kleenex® brand, america's softest tissue,
10:35 am
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10:38 am
whether it was the chrysler ad about farmers that tugged at your heart strings or the samsung spot -- i would love to hear him say samsung spot. paul rudd that made you laugh.
10:39 am
this year's batch of commercials was definitely creative. >> good news for advertisers as well. it's shaping up to be the most watched -- >> really? >> -- super bowl in history, we hear. here with the roundup of what worked and what didn't is abby clauson, the editor of "advertising age magazine." hello. >> what about that blackout? we were wondering, is that going to cause problems? >> that was unprecedented, wasn't it? if i was an advertiser in the fourth quarter or the end of the third quarter during that black-out, i would have been very, very nervous, but after the game i would have felt very, very relieved because it was so close that -- >> people like me said who knows how long this is going to go on, i got to work tomorrow, and they turned -- >> there were some of those, i'm sure. i turned to the puppy bowl myself. you know, what you tune back and then it became a great game, and i think then people started tuning back in, and like you said, hoda, it's going to turn out to be one of the most watched ever. you know, very relieved. >> let's talk about some of the ads. some we've seen before, and it felt like a re, do and there was
10:40 am
some new ones like the tide ad. >> i loved that one zoosh i loved that one. >> they go back together pretty quickly. >> tell us why it hit. >> it was perfectly contextual. it's a football game. everybody can identify with the situation here. rabid fandom, and the punch line was just great. >> genius. >> when she showed up with that ravens jersey on, and it was just -- >> i like when he is reenacting zoosh i know, right? >> i had it like this, and i had it like this. >> let's listen. >> oh, i washed it. >> you washed it? >> it had a stain on it. >> oh. >> go ravens. >> and then it's about the product. it's the super bowl. you're paying a lot of money to sell a product. >> you go into it, but -- >> exactly. >> what are they selling, right? >> let's watch samsung, and then we'll react to it. >> pitch me something. >> people love commercials with talking babies. >> talking babies sfwloosh we just used seth.
10:41 am
>> in a diaper. >> i don't wear a diaper. >> you would wear a diaper for samsung, though, right? >> i would wear a diaper for samsung. >> whaels you got? >> crowd snores. >> put it out on the internet that you want people to second you ideas, and you don't have to think of ideas. >> that might be good for this spot. >> we go to the galaxy into the gala galaxy. we don't train them. dproo become an asian rapper. >> i don't think we can do that. we're not asian. >> what i love about this ad is, first of all, they have great chemistry, paul rudd and seth rogan. even if you haven't seen "breaking bad" he is hilarious in this ad so you have this great chemistry, but they're also sort of -- they're making light of super bowl advertising. at the same time managing to talk a lot about samsung. >> yeah. >> it's an ad that ad geeks like me get excited about, and i think the broader audience. >> do you have a personal favorite? >> you liked it better than the clydesdale horse one?
10:42 am
>> that was close. >> ice cubes in your veins. >> cold water. >> this -- there were a lot of warm and fuzzies. this one was beautiful. >> it was beautiful. >> oh. a man who loves his horse. >> they should make that into a movie. two hour and a half movie for me. >> this is directed by ridly scott's son, which is sort of interesting. a big name director on it too. >> we have a couple of seconds, but what do you think -- name a couple that missed the mark. >> i know a lot of people loved the m & m ad, but there was something about if you are going to personify an object, let's not go that far. it's just a little weird for me. the m & m. >> the go daddy one with the making out one. that was weird. i'm sorry. >> it was strange. it was eye-catching. everybody watched it at the party i was at. >> some turned away because they didn't want to watch it. >> they watched it out of horror or maybe it wasn't --
10:43 am
>> oh. sfoo thanks for joining us. >> i wonder how many takes they had to do for that? >> he said 80 something. >> thanks very much. >> she dropped 143 pounds, and she looks amazinamazing. we'll show you the dramatic before and after of the latest member of the joy fit club. mom, can i have a treat? pleeeeeeeease? pleeeeeeeease... [ female announcer ] betty crocker fruit flavored snacks. pleeeeeeeease... less than 100 calories and made with real fruit pleeeeeeeease... thanks mom! [ female announcer ] betty crocker fruit flavored snacks.
10:44 am
yeah go hide. one, two... [ son ] come and find me! three! [ male announcer ] bite-sized chicken's grown up. kfc bites. freshly hand-breaded in the colonel's original recipe. try 10 bites with an 8 piece meal for $19.99. today tastes so good. for $19.99. it's the latest haircolor trend. ombré. now l'oréal lets you create this dark to light finish yourself. with wild ombré from feria. exclusive lightening formula plus an expert brush lightens hair lengths in a stroke. so easy. feria wild ombré. from l'oréal paris. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. we've got a lot of empty cans. ♪ break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals.
10:45 am
ice breakers.
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10:47 am
♪ >> team now for another installment of look at me now, the joy fit club. >> our newest member is 25-year-old lisa smith who lost a whopping 143 pounds and changed her whole life. let's take a look at her story. >> my name is lisa smith, and i have had weight problems since i was 10. my mom took me to nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, and i tried a lot of popular diet programs, but nothing worked because i would always sneak food and exercise was difficult due to chronic back pain.
10:48 am
my weight skyrocketed after i got married and moved out of my childhood home. in three years i gained 113 pounds mostly from dining at restaurants and eating huge portions of fast food. my parents encouraged me to lose weight, but i wasn't able to make the mental commitment. i didn't want to face the fact that my eating was out of control. in april 2011 my mom finally convinced me to attend my first weight watchers meeting. she told me that if i didn't do something, i was going to die. sense my first meeting, i have lost 143 pounds by replacing high fat and high sodium restaurant meals with healthier home cooked options. i make healthy dinners on sunday to last throughout the week, and my husband prepares and packs healthy lunches for us every morning. when i first started my weight loss junior where i, i could barely walk. i now swim and walk regularly. i want to inspire others to eat
10:49 am
healthy in their youth to set a firm foundation for their future. >> what a doll. before we ask lisa to come out, we want to say hello to the leader of our pack, joy. >> you are about to meet the stunning young woman who has literally transformed her entire life. you won't even believe it's the same person you just saw on the tape. she's very committed together with her husband to cooking these healthy lower calorie meals at home. >> however, she also still frequents occasionally on the weekends the fast food chains, and i want to show you what she does because she's so strategic. when she hits kfc she used to get the about 490 calories -- >> the ones that taste good. >> now she's going for the grilled. it still has the skin on it, but 220 calories, right? >> that saves a lot. >> when she hits domino's she ugt to get the regular slice, 640 calories for both. if you order their artisan line, it's a little smaller and thenner crust. 320 calories. >> wow.
10:50 am
>> that is really good. >> yeah. >> and with mcdonald's, this is the angus beef bacon and cheeseburger, right? almost 800 calories. >> this looks good to me. look at the wrap next to it. >> it's the same thing, but in the snack wrap. it's still the angus beef, bacon, and cheese, but 390 calories. >> you have to -- >> come here. >> this is lisa's before picture. all right. lisa, come join the joy fit club. >> oh, my god. >> oh. >> gorgeous. >> you look awesome. >> how are you? >> wow. >> are you working. you know it. >> how long did it take you, leeza, to take off all the weight? >> it took me 88 weeks. >> you are counting the weeks, right? >> and exercise is a part of your regimen as well? >> yes. i exercise with swimming and walking, and it mepz helps a lot. >> besides the fact that you are stunning, how has it changed your life? >> just daily activities that you wouldn't think would make a big difference, but it does. like just putting on your shoes
10:51 am
in the morning or getting out of bed. >> wow. >> your husband is right around the corner zoosh how in love is he? >> ah, sweet. >> very sweet. >> wow. >> does she seem like a different person to you? >> she does. in fact, the beauty that she had inside when i met her is now displayed outward. >> ah. >> that's great. that's -- happy valentine's day. you're an inspiration to everybody. some healthy cooking in the kitchen. >> delicious comfort food you can whip up on a busy week night. this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ >> back now on "today's kitchen" what's cookin, and today we're putting betty crocker on a vegan diet. >> many of you go meatless on mondays, and dan and annie
10:55 am
promised that with these delicious recipes, we're not going to mess the meat. >> really, dan? snoo really. you're not going to mess it. >> betty goes vegan. >> it's got a very, very hit row look to it. it's cute. >> it does. >> what are we making today? >> we're starting with vegan chicken and pesto sandwiches. you can get vegan chicken in my local grocery store. it's made out of soy. like a veggie burger, but made to taste like chicken. we mushrooms and tomato, zucchini and olive and some pine nuts. >> stick it all many there. >> we're going to use pesto to give us nice flavor. >> love pesto. >> i could eat pesto at everything. fwoo we have a nice pesto res piece in the book. we have garlic. and some pink himalaya salt, which is the best salt for seasoning vegetables. mroo it replace the oil that come from cooking regular chicken. >> this isn't about getting calories. this is about -- what's the main point of being vegan -- being
10:56 am
meatless? what's the point? what's the greatest benefit? >> i think everybody has their own, like, reason why they go vegan. for us we love animals, and we don't want to eat them. some people want to lose weight. some people they care about their cholesterol. it's whatever your reason is. >> whatever your reason is. okay. what are you doing? >> we're going to take these and bake them in the oven in tin foil pouchs. >> oh, like this. >> staems together. >> for how long? >> for about 375 for about 15 to 20 minutes. >> okay. good. >> quick and easy to make. you could have whipped up a batch of these during the super bowl blackout. >> you're making sandwiches out of it? >> we unload our pact, and make your sandwiches up. >> we like to keep it nutritious as possible. >> that one is going to be crunchier than you might expect. >> then you can top it off with some peppercinnis. >> there's a lot of oil in there. >> leave that in the packet. >> moisture from the vegetables, kath. not oil.
10:57 am
>> they steam up, and that's how you get your vegetables to be all nice and flavorful. >> you put some of the hot stuff on there? >> however many you want. >> looking nice. >> you are good to go. >> shall we head around back after we finish making these up? >> come on back. >> it looks delicious. >> okay. we'll go around back. >> okay. >> i want to grab this. thank you. >> what are we whipping up back here, sweetie? >> we're going to make sweet potato risotto. you are going to take a dutch oven and add white wine and set that to a simmer. you're going to add some diced red onion, and you're going to add -- well -- >> back off. >> i don't want to think about cooking. >> and then we're going to while that's sort of cooking, we're going to let the red onion cook down a little bit. >> uh-huh. >> we're going to mash some sweet potato. >> look what she's doing. neat. >> we only have a few seconds left. >> i know. i'm hurrying here. >> dump it in there. >> and we'll start eating, shall
10:58 am
we? >> then it just keeps -- you -- what do you do? >> you add the risotto rice and it kwoox cooks for 20 minutes and add vegetable broth. add all your seasonings. sfwoo we're iffing to finish it while we go to break.
10:59 am


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